Many updates and changes

But you wont fix the balance for creating groups. I WILL leave if they have more level or power.
Is it because there aren’t too many people playing this game?

And you wont fix the NPC AI. Many times my troops will go in and out moving around, ending up in being killed.

Tanks hiding in gray zone. Many of you will think "well, go there and kill it with a demolition bomb. Well, do that if I can. But sometimes you can’t, and tankers get a lot of points for killing and assisting. Do something so that those cowards move forward, or just take off grey zones entirely.

Nobody asked for many of these updates. Stop inventing stuff and start listen to what people has to say.

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that is the reason I proposed that there should be 1 or 2 AT guns with only half AP ammo and no HE ammo available for a team with no engineer dedicated squads.

so those AT guns would be able to deal with gray zone tanks effectively and wont be strong enough to overshadow engineer squads, also the engineer squads would retain their own separate AT gun slot that would have full ammo and HE shells

they did and we got this update. people wanted BA buff and people wanted animations and nerf to jumping.

you are not first one to complain about this issue and you wont be the last.

to combat this AT gun wont help, cause most of the problems are cause of high level player that you cant pen with normal tank gun is camping and killing low level players. AT gun just doesnt have caliber to pen high level tanks unless you.

I find quite hypocritical praising the BA buff but despising Tank grey zone camp, I mean, BA buff all it did is creating more campers, so camping for camping…

Anyway, let me say some things, more times than not the grey zone tank while able to wipe your bots unless you act like a bot and run into its field of view without cover he can’t kill you, so a team with a tank camping isn’t guaranteed to achieve victory (believe me, I have been the camping tank before, and 5 times tbe kills of the second place of your team don’t guarantee shit. Second is, if the tank is very well positioned and is a direct threat to the objective them is time to spawn another tank or even a plane to get rid of it.

Maps like Quarry and Below Lake for example are the heaven for grey zone tanks camping, but all it takes to counter it is another one on you own team.

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BA buff didn’t make more people camp

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Have fun trying to kill Tigers and Jumbos in greyzones I guess.

They always did.

Sorry, don’t know what that acronym is.

bolt action rifle.