Manor (Assault) currently unbalanced (unfeasible to attack)

The Assault gamemode already seems to heavily favor the defenders, but being able to build spawn points 30m behind the first 2 points as the defenders, like you can do on that map, is just too much. To top it all off, you can build the rally points in between the two points. If your team builds like 3 rallies in that area, it’s easy win.

I’m not saying it’s currently impossible to win as attackers there, but it’s definitely not balanced. Please fix the distance from the objectives at which defenders can build rally points there.


When I’m put on offense on that map, I make sure to take over the middle house on offense side. From here, you can set up a rally point in the stables, and set sandbags just in front of that to protect from artillery fire. Sandbag the window in the hall, as well as almost all windows in main room. Set up an HMG looking at the right corner of main room and it can cover both ends of the “B” objective. Up top in the “attic” space, set a standard MG nest angled a bit to the left, and you can catch a lot of the enemies going into the “A” objective.

As with all Assault games, it requires teamwork to accomplish. If you aren’t grouped up with others, you will likely have issues.

Additional measures you can use is set up Czech Hedgehogs from the corner of your building into the entrance of “B”, this keeps tanks from rolling up too easily as well as gives a little extra cover to your troops making that crossing. Putting a trench down behind that (2 shovels wide) will get most people across with limited casualties.
Plus, if you put AP mines on a lot of your characters, you can set a perimeter around the house as you go to help deter enemies from trying to get your rally point.

It may seem that fortifications lend more toward defense, but if you use them smart, you can use them well for offense too.

its just stupid in general that you have to hold both points at the same time, incredibly unfair for the attacking side, that particular map only adds that one side has cover to place rally points, while the other one only get open terrain.

On the side that is more open it SEEMS like it was designed for trenches, smoke, and fortifications to be used. However, given the current state of fortification durability and the constant rain of artillery fire, that’s not really possible.

I agree its incredibly difficult for attackers USUALLY.