Making Enlisted a Better Place №6

You don’t have planes?



We read everything. There are not so many of them to disdain some ideas.


The solution would be giving them max 1 minute to leave the spawn point in the gray zone and go on the battlefield with the infantry, both attackers and defenders

Are hull tank mgs going to be added as well?

no my airfields have snow :clown_face:

I have already written about them. We’re going to beef up the pistols.


you can use planes or mark the tank for a teammate to destroy

PPl should be able to upgrade them like SMGs

True the grey zone camping is not adressed. To be honnest its quite a difficult subject.
Ex: both attacker and defender can do it.
So would you just “delete the grey zone”? It could have an huge impact on the rest of the gameplay.
Make a suggestion if you have an idea.

But it’s a good update. Invulnerability already prevent spawn kills. One of the concerne of grey zone camping.

It’s not a buff on tanks update, it’s more an improvment on gameplay update.

Solution: cas


I would prefer not give grey-zone campers the ability to rearm so they can go out of a tank and play the game from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:

then they will be start calling me Pistol Hans <3

I’m pretty sure they didn’t put ammo supply in the grey zone. So the camper will have to move if he finally manage to use all the shell. (Quite rare as our fox friend mentionned)
I hope so at least.

if the only big problem is eliminated, apart from the fact that the most rookies will stay hidden in a corner of the map, they will be the typical trools that stay watching the respawn zone, whether from the axis or from the allies

i guess we shall see, even though i am not very optimistic about the resupply areas’ position

@Keofox I would like to know if hull mg Will ever be implemented

I heard it will be SoonTM

Thank you for the reply <3

So booster stacking is back?
Do we still get banned for too much stacking though?