Making Enlisted a Better Place №33

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

The improvements are mostly or even completely based on the feedback that our players share in the discussion of this topic and on all of our other platforms.


Previously, the game offered the purchase of customisation items right at the moment of its first placement on a vehicle, leaving you no opportunity to “try on” different sets of them and enjoy the future unique looks of your vehicles.

Well, we made the same mechanism available that works for soldiers — now you can place decals and decorations, experiment with the look and purchase desired items when exiting from the vehicle customization menu.

Also the updated mechanism allows you to purchase multiple items at once.


In Enlisted you can both unlock a squad of tankers or pilots with new vehicles, and get a vehicle without a crew — in a campaign or in events. Previously, after the satisfying process of getting a vehicle, it was sent to the storage, and sometimes it took a long time to look for it there. Especially if the vehicle, for example, required a squad of Tankers II.

We have refined this point. Now if you get a vehicle without a crew, you will be able immediately to switch to the control of the proper squad for this vehicle.

Also we have added the information for all in-game vehicles showing which squads are more suitable for them.


Seven new “real hero’s acts” have been added to the list, they include:

  • Using your rally points;
  • Using your ammo boxes;
  • Bomb kills;
  • Missile kills;
  • Killing crews with anti-tank mines (with vehicle destruction);
  • First Blood Achievement (for the first kill in battle);
  • Killing the vehicle commander (destroying the enemy in the commander’s cupola).

These achievements do not affect the battle reward, but will allow you to check your performance and compete with your friends.


  • Fixed a bug that caused surrounding players to not hear the sound of the AVS-36 rifle firing in the automatic mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused soldiers and vehicles to not move in some replays.
  • AI soldiers of the Assaulters class now change primary weapons for a pistol at close range, only if the primary weapons are out of ammo.
  • Improved the collision model of the engineer’s anti-tank guns.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the headgear of soldiers with the RPzB 43 Ofenrohr grenade launcher to not visually change in the customization menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a soldier to lose control of a German stationary engineer machine gun while using it on different surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug that caused decorators placed on some Japanese tanks to rotate with the turret.
  • Corrected available poses of soldiers armed with a Besal LMG.
  • Fixed empty bayonet knife slots for some weapons after transfers between campaigns.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


Great update.

Also, when will the alpha tester list be announced?


These are nice changes so thank you!

I do have a question though, will you be adding the ability to purchase camo/skins for premium Vehicles with Gold? I am aware the BA-11’s camo can be changed, but other premiums like the Panzer 4/70 from Berlin cannot be (yet the non-prem version in Normandy’s camo can ). Also the Jagpanther’s skin cannot be changed either.

Thus, I am wondering whether you will add this feature in the future as I would love to be able to further customise these vehicles!


Well, it was fast too fix. I remember i saw the bug post last week.

In case you miss it

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bug fixes; i like.

Good update.

Will it be possible to have camos on premium tanks?
Some can be possible, if same tank exists as free, can you give us the same tools on premium vehicles?

I would love to purchase a camo on my jagdpanther…

Is this in consideration?


If the vehicle is the same, you can buy a skin on the free variant on normandy, unequip it and go to berlin and will apear on premium variant.


Waiting custom blk loading feature for mod multiplayer games

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I never knew this, I will try it now.

You can see a how to here on my answer. :slight_smile: :

Works only on tanks with exacly the same free variant.

Decals bushes and camos, aslong as they ain’t equiped can be transfered on multiple campaigns.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add gun game to the Enlisted again. The mode was extremely fun. I speak for all of the community, when I say that everybody enjoyed it.

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You can have custom games every day



Please, in the same fashion, allow us to TRY gold order weapons BEFORE buying them.


Party time!!!

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So i got the Japanese battle pass plane, it not showing? well it dose show under, unavailable for squad?
so what’s all the above about, if i still can not use it,

i still have to wait till i get to a lvl to use it?

if so, then why wouldnt you just buy the pilot, when you able to use it, why all the above?

Yeah, if this aircraft you unlocked, is for a tier 2 attacker pilot…
You cannot use this vehicle, until you unlock this tier 2 soldier within the campaign.

It’s an unethical business strategy, where they do not fully explain the criteria.

A great example is: If you have a premium xp pass (where you also get +2 squad slots), premium xp users are also allowed to equip their vehicles with FOUR decals/decorations.

(It cost’s real money to purchase these decals/decorations)

So for example: say you purchase four decals and four decorations.

You MUST purchase the premium XP pass (forever), if you want access to the two additional decal/decoration slots that are ONLY available when the XP pass is active.

So if you decide NOT to purchase the XP pass (when it expires), you will lose 4 slots (2 decals and 2 decorators).
Of which the player spent real money for.
They spent real money, and cannot use these items, unless the players continue paying for endless XP passes.
(There’s no description saying you lose access to your purchases, if you let the xp pass expire)


Nor is there a description when purchasing additional squad slots. There is nothing that says “these slots do NOT apply universally across the campaigns”. You must buy additional squad slots for EACH campaign, of which each slot incrementally increases in price.

You can thoretically spend hundreds of dollars, just on “additional squad-slot” purchases, for each campaign that you decide to progress through.

And if you choose NOT to purchase these slots, players will forever be limited to three choices for infanty classes, and 1 vehicle.

So just be mindful about these facts, and be careful with how you spend your money within this game

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If you click the premium thing it says “+2 vehicle decal and decorator slots”

Yes it does.

But it does NOT say that you lose access to your PAID purchases, if you allow the XP pass to expire.

It would make sense that these slots became locked, if the player has not purchased and filled the +2

But if the player spends money to fill these slots, there should be a description that says “you lose access if you do not maintain a premium xp pass.”

Otherwise, it’s a bait-and-switch strategy.

"oh yes, you can have these things

“But… you gotta pay money indefinitely, to continue having access .”

Veteran players, who have maxed out multiple campaigns, do not need to continue buying an xp booster. What does removing PAID decorator/decal slots, have to do with players who no longer need the XP?

Hehe, yeah have 8 slots in Normandy, 8 in Tunisia, 7 in Pacific, was sure i had more in the first 2x campaign’s, but was 350 days ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for detailed explanation, on the plane matter.

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