Making Enlisted a Better Place №31

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

The improvements are mostly or even completely based on the feedback you have left in the special topics and discussions on our forums and social media platforms.


Commanders, here’s another detail that’s definitely going to spice up your battles. On the islands of the Pacific War campaign you’ll find fearsome weapons — Ni05 lunge mines, those bombs on sticks that are so dangerous to enemy vehicles and their wielders both.

Just approach it and hold the “Pick up” button. You can do it as a soldier of any class and any nation — even when playing as the USA.

Almost forgot! The Ni05 mines have become much stronger in this update — both the ones you buy and the ones you find laying around. Try them out!


Enlisted is a technically complex project that we update and improve on a regular basis. To help us find possible errors, your client writes a lot of important information into its log from the time you open it until you close it again.

These logs help us determine the cause of many errors you tell us about. But they’re also taking up space!

Active players may find that their .logs~enlisted folder has grown up to several gigabytes in size. We’ll fix that! Now the client will automatically clean up logs that are over a week old.

The clean-up process will also start if the folder grows to 500 MB in size. Now the game will take up less space on the disk!


  • Fixed an error that caused the flight instructor mechanism to not compensate for aircraft drift by the reactive momentum of the propeller. It could have caused the Fw 190 and IL-2M to deviate from their target when flying straight.
  • Fixed an error that decreased the overload resistance of the SB-2M bomber.


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!




The battlepickup idea is interesting, how about panzerfausts on crates for berlin? Nice fw-190 fix


Will there be more kinds of weapons that can be picked up on the map in the future?


Seams about right.

On another hand… I wonder when we will see Easter eggs with secrets on maps like batlefield games had where players could pick or get unique items if, decifred the mistery.

We’ll see if you like this mechanic.


@1942786 Hi, Thanks for those changing, munitions are going to help too!

Anything on black smoke bug, when using smoke grenades fix? I logged a bug and video too. Ps5 btw

Also sorry the weird bright green graphics that appear time to time, on tanks and ammo boxes, soldier helmets.


nice changes… now can you fix 10v13 MM?


Nice addition for this weekly mission guess that was the main reason for this.

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Nice change. But we need more. Will there be a first dev for the next version this week?


Could you please fix some planes’ ap cannon shell? or could you please just let ju87 become easier shoot down?

Both scoped SVTs still shoot high above the reticle… just saying…


This is the most interresting thing.
I’m not sure to have totally understood the sentence, but the words “fix bug” “aircraft drift” and “Fw190” remind me of an old problem and it give me lots of hope for the futur of the flight model and damage model of plane in Enlisted.


I would love to see that in Berlin.

Я лично в эту игру захожу пострелять, но единственное ради чего сюда захожу ограничено, как в это играть если запас патронов настолько мизерный что 90% игрового времени я бегаю в поисках патронов. Неужели никто не просил изменить это или у вас не доходят до этого руки? Если есть такая возможность сделайте запас патронов чуть побольше, или же по умолчанию на точках сбора(захвата) ящики чтобы пополнить запас. Спасибо за внимание!

I think the balance difference between Berlin Germany and the Soviet Union is too great. As a German player, I think that Germany should be buffed or the Soviet Union should be nerfed. The rank of , that is, only recruits, but in the Soviet Union, all but 2-3 were major generals. The matching balance is also strange. Please improve it.

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I beg you please enough buffing Murica, in other campaign I got 61-64% Win rate more kill ratio more fun faster to level up
vs here in Pacific Campaign, I got 33%WR as the one who opposed Murica, imagine human drinks water up to 65%, means I’ve been drowned in this campaign, only left 33% of my comfy breathing space

This is a very cool mechanic!

Also, could you please fix the issue with weapons with internal magazines reloading all bullets when there are still many left in the magazine?

An example of this is the Gewehr 41. It has a fixed reload animation where two stripper clips of 5 are inserted into the gun regardless of how many bullets the Gewehr 41 fired and how many bullets still remain in its internal magazine. Because the magazine is internal, only the number of bullets missing from the magazine should be reloaded.

This GREATLY hinders the playability of these weapons. Not only does it make reload times longer and appear very unrealistic, it also uses the game’s realistic magazine system where bullets are grouped into specific magazines. The Gewehr 41 has an internal, non-removable, magazine like most bolt action rifles and thus should not experience this. This means you can have many cases where you have way more than 10 bullets left but are only able to fill the internal magazine partially.

I assume this issue will eventually be fixed, but I feel it should be given more priority as it severely hinders the combat effectiveness of weapons affected by this in a very unrealistic way. Thank you, and keep up the good work!


OK :ok_hand:

Are there any surprise infos we can know about before the Big Update?