Making Enlisted a Better Place №25

Let me have a guess, Stalingrad air strike going to all campaign?

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I would like that.

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I mean defo. And it’s gonna be Pacific.

maybe a sound and effect improvement of explosion

Give us atomic bombs for Japan or unplayable ¡!!!

Brilliant, I see you say selling / buying weapons are also in backlog, so happy. Although I already did the tough bit ages ago.

AA Flak gun, review? So much feedback on them here, also faction specific please :+1:

I think I hear some fridge on tracks approaching.

is that you go change uniforms of the Mortars on Normandy they don’t have the right outfit it’s a regiment of paratroopers too


Torgue Flexington has entered the forum.


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any dev news about editor?

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Let me guess stalingrad bomber in all campaigns and something new releted with the artillery

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When comes soldier customization in all campaigns?


I hope of maybe more destructible buildings

But maybe I am wandering too much with my mind/having too high expectations


You can forget this keo time ago already stated bulding dont become destructible

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I missed that… too bad

This is true, I remember that post. I do hope that they still keep certain destructible terrain, kind of like how the walls of D-Day are

The shoulder patches used to make uniform look cool

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Supplying your squads with weapons and equipment is really important. Grab a decent weapon, put a grenade on your belt and a medkit in your backpack. It’s an interesting, but lengthy process.

Finally!! love to see a long-wanted function for all

This change is Really good Either, Good to see more improvements for Better outfit Models. but looks a bit weird, I suppose.

[quote=“Keofox, post:1, topic:69254”]

New 3D model of Zeltbahn seems to have gone out of human body proportions. The soldier’s shoulders are wider than the steroid bodybuilder, and he also seems to have turtle neck syndrome a bit.

@1942786 will there be any chance of improving these models? if there is I would really be glad to. though it still is a Lovely update overall, with long wanted changes!


Now you’ve shown this I can not see something else than those bodybuilder shoulders.
Those germans soldiers must be based on Schwarzenegger.

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