Making Enlisted a Better Place №24

If it give me 20% booster yes, there are already faction full of bot use the option for speed up their grind dont kill anyone


a) it’s an Option.
b) I’d rather play a random Normandy/Tunisia game where I am both level 10 than exterminate bots in my preferred campaign.

Plus personally I don’t care about grinding a faction to max level, my progress is spread between the 10 factions to get most diversity from the gameplay.


Finally, a QoL that is 100% based on forum suggestions! Good.

pretty decent qol, just make vegetable 1-5 usable by everyone too

Simple, elegant and efficient little update.

This place is getting better and better.

I will leave you for a couple of hours, and then I will return and collect feedback for the developers


@1942786 feedback


“Im home alone.”
“I can’t come. I’m working.”
“But I have put the fox tail plug you love so much”

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fuck enlisted lore, we need keofox lore instead


That would be awesome. You have no idea the amount of Silver I would spend if my beloved VG became a standard infantry weapon, as it rightly deserved to be.

Plus the radius fix before your bots followed you.

  1. Nuff the damage to the bolt action gun

  2. Please limit the number of automatic rifles

  3. Replace weapons that do not match the level of the campaign
    Replacement of a Beretta machine gun in Moscow from 20 to 40 rounds

  4. Increase the size of the map and the number of players participating per game

5.Please distinguish the tram as if it were an airplane.
Light tanks, heavy tanks, heavy tanks

  1. Change the modeling of anti-aircraft guns, which are empty bottle installation structures, by country Buff anti-tank guns, which are one of the empty bottle installation structures below The 57mm gun is too weak. Please upgrade to a higher caliber.

7.Specific maps are too aggressive in attack or defense. I’d like a remake of the maps that don’t match the balance

  1. Please add division marks, etc. as customization

  2. Buff the range where the bullet of the shotgun spreads. This game’s shotgun is too useless.


More options for ingame interface. Turn on/off messages, adjustable size, changing color ETC.


Vg1-5 in berlin for other classes like this guns or I start a riot



Bring back conquest on Wilhelmstrasse, Kamenka, Porkovosovosovo City, and whichever others I’m missing in Berlin and Moscow please

Also port Confrontation to more maps ASAP its an absolute shitload of fun on good maps like Omer or Konigzplatz

And reduce the chance of getting armored escort in Berlin, it was fun when it came out but the playerbase has easily made it one of the most deserted maps in the game.

Have a great afternoon


Facial hair customization would be nice when the customization system spread to other campaign.

you want moustache


More deadly bots, requiring more careful behavior from us.

I can’t wait for the same CoD kids who kept complaining aboult bolties buff to complain even more, I will savor this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice patch again, and as others keep saying:

Please free the VG1-5 from assaulters hands, to make it available to other classes :slight_smile:


and make D-day assault finally



  1. We need to adjust the power of BA. The current BA power is too powerful. Even if it’s not a rollback, why don’t you adjust it to a stronger than before, but weaker than now?
    The damage from 23-28 is excessively powerful. What about the damage that doesn’t exceed 20 on average? Even so, it is much more powerful than the 14-17 damage of the past.

There were opinions from users who were suffering after the BA buff.

  1. should also give PC users the ability to disable crossplay. Like a console user

  2. We need to be able to set the quantity of purchases in the store and sales in the storage box at once. Especially, the ability to check the weapons and soldiers to be sold in the storage box and sell them at once.

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