Making Enlisted a Better Place №11

Does this also affect post-pen dmg of the AT rifle nades?

Do you read forum posts? There have been 10+ posts about this. It’s about the damage nerf(from 9.6 to 8.8) and RoF nerf, and reload nerf. Like:

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Imo the bipod can easy fixed if they automatically activete withaut player imput

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What was the point of nerfing the MP43? Especially after putting it into Berlin against Avtom?


No problem fighting against dogshit Thompson for months, but when it’s against Fedorov it’s immediately nerfed. :rofl:

Easy fixes are too… easy here. Also “muh stats” cant confirm this and according to our changelogs we already fixed them.

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Still never using rifle grenades when we have FG42 IIs, AVT 40s and M2 carbines available for troopers.

Oh and the cost of the level 34 rifle grenades being 3 silver? Hell no. Better to buy weapons actually worth it and not a starter rifle with a grenade launcher attached


Wouldnt that be necrophilia?


2-3 full 25v25 servers every evening, much more fun competing against real players than shooting AI fish in a barrel and padding the stats.
Just a shame most of those servers are madness like Americans in Stalingrad.

Appreciate the change to grenade launchers. They were pretty cumbersome to use before - this change sounds good.

I highly appreciate these changes. Until now the endless deploying time (skrew launching device onto barrel first, than MAYBE loading a grenade (or most times 3-4 bullets one by one)) made the device rather situational and often useless in fast paced combat situations.
I’m looking forward to give it a try ( and i hope the damage increase will not start a “noob tube” revival party).

Best regards, thx for the good work and your community communication.

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thank you, Devs/mods etc.

don’t forget the bipod.


In Moscow, the intersection parameters of the T-28E [DT machine gun on the main turret] are incorrect, which will cause its aiming point to always be left or right in the horizontal direction, so that it cannot hit the enemy. Two sub turrets of T-28E and three machine guns of ordinary T-28 can meet normally.

Please pay attention to this! As long as you drive the T-28E in the training ground, you can easily find this-a machine gun will be severely to the left when aiming at close range, and it will be severely to the right when aiming at the sky (or other distant places).

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Can you reduce the cost of soldier’s customization? I finished 3 battlepass, and it can only decorate 4-5 soldiers, it is not funny.


But despite the remaing issues (some of them already mentioned here), I like this little change since I love rifle nades.

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Rifle grenade launcher will never be used by players when they are: unlock at much later levels when players already get plenty of good semi-autos; non sense expensive, especially those rifle II/III squads.
In fact, in other games, this type of weapons is also never a mainstream. Only useful when dealing with mid-range covered enemies. But here in Enlisted… Why not use explosive packs and you can choose perks and backpack for even more explosives…

Current soldier’s customization is just a joke. Dont be serious about it…

“Thanks” devs for making GL’s a valid meta option, because players didn’t hate HE clicking already, hopefully that buff will be reverted.


@1942786 almost all of the points on defence , the bots if you command them to go will rarely make it into the building. The two story ruined houses are by far the worst offenders.
As well bots team mates so many times just get stuck pathing to the objective. Its really bad to be frank.

The only games I have lost were because of that sole issue, my bots just refused to get on point.