Making Enlisted a Better Place №11

  • the p38G figther 1 in normandy is bugged for a year now takes the place of both the attacker and the figther and does not allow the spawn of other aircraft
  • the perk of the grenade range + 50% is bugged with deathpacks launches them at almost 200m of distance, in tunisia oasis they reach the attackers’ spawn
  • AI in stalingrad refuse to reach the CAP for defend this also happen some time in other campaigns and always on train escort
  • in stalingrad MG have their recoil inverted of 180° it go dawn instead of up

Thank you. We are aware of all these points and will fix them soon.

For the last point, we need a screenshot of the point or a description - which point you are talking about.


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aaaand much more

Keo don’t forget the inverted recoil on stalingrad MG it go down instead of up thanks for the hardwork :smiley:


This might make them somewhat viable, will have to test it out in Berlin.



I attached a bug post with Stalingrad area where AI get stuck, it like a broken wall in some of the ruined buildings, I can link to post if so.

Also Mortar is again firing to the right of the actual barrel, screenshotted and posted too.

Performance on PS5 seems a little lower in regards to FPS too… since latest update.

Back on topic, good to see these minor tweaks to GLs, should make them a tad easier :+1:

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Did You know…
You cant take a Medikit and Revive Yourself when Grenadelauncher is mounted???

Thats so Awesome, they fix Things and didnt know theres so much Bugs.

BTW what did more Explosives help the Game?
You can already throw 27 Detpacks 200meter with 1 Squad?

Can Ai actually use them and shot them?


The game goes around AI so much, and they are still as dumb as a rock. When dev team will actually put decent effort on the main selling point of this game? AI


Doesn’t work.
edit: doesn’t work in the practise range

Oh… I’ll pass

MP43/1 rebuff when?

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Well No Problem seeya i go play BorderlandsTinyTinas Wonderland

Keo, can you confirm that MP43 nerf was intentional and we’re never seeing this gun viable again?


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This one and GGP/40 version still uses old textures and model for kar98k rifle itself, while sniper kar98 and basic rifle got new looks.
Unless you just changed them in this update ofc.

Well since I don’t really care about grenade launchers or MP43 and we’re sharing our pains here:

  1. Will we ever see “play any campaign, any faction” and “I agree to wait for as long as it takes to create a full human lobby” matchmaking options?

  2. Will tanks ever get some love?
    Essential Improvements for Tanks

  3. Will Lone Fighters ever get some love? I just want to play each map of the game with respective factions, not mish-mash of Russians in Tunisia and then Americans at Moscow.

  4. From Enlisted main page: The weaponry, soldier’s uniform, appearance and capabilities of the vehicles in the game are in line with historical facts.
    Do you plan to adhere to this or continue adding BS stuff like Fedorov in Berlin and MKb-42 (also absolutely broken) in Stalingrad?
    I came to this game in 2020 because it didn’t have BS like BF and CoD.
    It was supposed to destroy the evil, not join it.


They should at least reduce its dispersion first, they it’s less accurate than Thompson! 21/28, which is a joke

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Dont forget the bipods.


Does this also affect post-pen dmg of the AT rifle nades?