Making Enlisted a Better Place №11

Doesn’t work.
edit: doesn’t work in the practise range

Oh… I’ll pass

MP43/1 rebuff when?

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Well No Problem seeya i go play BorderlandsTinyTinas Wonderland

Keo, can you confirm that MP43 nerf was intentional and we’re never seeing this gun viable again?


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This one and GGP/40 version still uses old textures and model for kar98k rifle itself, while sniper kar98 and basic rifle got new looks.
Unless you just changed them in this update ofc.

Well since I don’t really care about grenade launchers or MP43 and we’re sharing our pains here:

  1. Will we ever see “play any campaign, any faction” and “I agree to wait for as long as it takes to create a full human lobby” matchmaking options?

  2. Will tanks ever get some love?
    Essential Improvements for Tanks

  3. Will Lone Fighters ever get some love? I just want to play each map of the game with respective factions, not mish-mash of Russians in Tunisia and then Americans at Moscow.

  4. From Enlisted main page: The weaponry, soldier’s uniform, appearance and capabilities of the vehicles in the game are in line with historical facts.
    Do you plan to adhere to this or continue adding BS stuff like Fedorov in Berlin and MKb-42 (also absolutely broken) in Stalingrad?
    I came to this game in 2020 because it didn’t have BS like BF and CoD.
    It was supposed to destroy the evil, not join it.


They should at least reduce its dispersion first, they it’s less accurate than Thompson! 21/28, which is a joke

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Dont forget the bipods.


Does this also affect post-pen dmg of the AT rifle nades?

Do you read forum posts? There have been 10+ posts about this. It’s about the damage nerf(from 9.6 to 8.8) and RoF nerf, and reload nerf. Like:

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Imo the bipod can easy fixed if they automatically activete withaut player imput

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What was the point of nerfing the MP43? Especially after putting it into Berlin against Avtom?


No problem fighting against dogshit Thompson for months, but when it’s against Fedorov it’s immediately nerfed. :rofl:

Easy fixes are too… easy here. Also “muh stats” cant confirm this and according to our changelogs we already fixed them.

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Still never using rifle grenades when we have FG42 IIs, AVT 40s and M2 carbines available for troopers.

Oh and the cost of the level 34 rifle grenades being 3 silver? Hell no. Better to buy weapons actually worth it and not a starter rifle with a grenade launcher attached


Wouldnt that be necrophilia?


2-3 full 25v25 servers every evening, much more fun competing against real players than shooting AI fish in a barrel and padding the stats.
Just a shame most of those servers are madness like Americans in Stalingrad.

Appreciate the change to grenade launchers. They were pretty cumbersome to use before - this change sounds good.