Make thatch huts bulletproof until you fix the AI

Ive started counting how many deaths per match ive received from AI shooting through buildings, Last match it was 32 times and the 2 before that was 27 and 26.

I know its going to be possibly a few years before the AI is implemented correctly, until then thatch huts need to be godmoded to actually make it fair for the defending team.

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I don’t think the solution is necessarily making thatch huts stronger, but rather make sandbag walls stronger. This way defense can be put up where it needs it, giving you more freedom to what has the protection.

This would only help if you crawl on the floor 24/7

For me AI shooting perfectly trough 40 lay of foliage is THE BIGGEST problem of the AI with pathfinding … its so raging and make some map just unplayabhle but devs dont care …

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Now, while I agree that AI tends to make some crazy crack shots through terrain they really shouldn’t, I can’t say I ever had it happen so often that it occurs nearly 90 times across 3 games though, just being honest.


I have to agree with you. That doesn’t sound like it’s bots doing it, but rather someone with wallhacks and/or aimbot for it to be that consistent.

like the AI bots that actually have aimbot & wallhack ?

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