Lost my friends lists, automatic rejection

On ps5, I had over 40 contacts I play with and part of my clan, they have all dissapeared, people can see my name, but when they try and invite me, they cannot and it is automatically rejected?

@1488794 Hi, is this known issue?

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Hello. Is this problem still reproduce in current version(

Hi, I can see PC players again, I have not tested an invite yet, but from the looks of it, it seems ok.

I will respond on here if not ok.

This issue still exists for me with the current update. Contacts are gone. Unable to invite to list and auto rejection. Unable to invite to squad as the option isn’t given.

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Were they Ukrainian soldiers? :face_with_monocle:

Hi, it has happened again, this time I cannot see friends in group, that was first sign, then went back to spawn screen and they were gone again.

Autore rejecting any invite from PC, no contact I mean.

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I find that the issue is limited to only the PS5 version of the game. I installed and ran the PS4 version of the game and was able to see my contacts and accept and send invites as usual. For a quick fix until the PS5 version is corrected, I imagine anyone with a similar issue could do the same.

Now it seems I can see my PlayStation contacts (as they had dissapeared too), but no PC contacts, this afternoon, I could see PC and not console, I guess slow progress is being made. I don’t want to revert to PS4 when I have ps5 TY.