Losing trust in Enlisted developers

That’s right. The Mg34 has a penalty of 45 and the m1919 has a penalty of 30. This is incorrect because the m1919 is heavier. It would be correct for it to have 60 units.

Yes, of course, he already has.
However, the regular mg34 has a recoil of 13 19, and the one with the big magazine could have 13 16, which is still worse than the m1919, but like you said logically

no the heavier the gun the less recoil
it should have less dispersion than mg34,42 cause the 1919 has slower rate of fire making it more accurate than mg34,42 which it was

Can you read English?
Penalty in motion is a not accuracy. You yourself said it is related to weight, so mg34 has a high one. That’s true, but it’s also true that as you said the m1919 is much heavier. Accordingly, it should have this penalty even higher (harder to hold the weapon).
As for recoil, yes, the weight has a positive effect on reducing recoil, so the m1919 has less recoil.
As for bullet dispersion in general, the mg34 and 42 were extremely accurate machine guns and at least as good as others.

The stats are wrong. Otherwise its not new that rockets and heat/ tank dms are kinda bugged.

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pretty much

no it has 2mm of pen thats broken but nooooo they wont fix

Yeah this new stunt with changing the gold order requirements doesn’t really add to the trust, does it? I think this might be the worst thing they’ve done so far.

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4th broken promise, a day after this post was made LMAO. Anyhow, evidence is uploaded here.

If the Enlisted developers keep following the highlighted trend, Enlisted will be a dead game soon enough. Unlike War Thunder, they don’t have a monopoly on WW2 FPS.


Losing Trust in Enlisted Developers

Good One. :+1:
Allies are to weak, give them GoldOrder+Event Pps
Nerf Axis to Dust. Listen to WastedWoodsman he is your Man


So does (according to the stat card) literally every AT weapon other than AT rifles. Yet they work fine. So is bazooka according to the players above.

What could it be? Stat card bug that has no effect on reality or great dev conspiracy to make poor Allies suffer.


I do not understand what you are trying to point out or say. Could you reiterate this please?

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Actually after reading the comment made on the calibre of the M1 Bazooka by wastedwoodsman, I noticed that all the calibres of the AT weapons you are showing right now are incorrect, at least according to Wikipedia. Given that I suspect post-pen damage is based on warhead calibre, having about half of the IRL weapon calibre should mean that the M1 Bazooka and Panzerfausts are currently underperforming.

NOTE: I have no evidence that post-pen damage is based on weapon calibre, only speculation since the PIAT seems to deal more post-pen damage than the M1 Bazooka anecdotally speaking.


But yeah, the armor pen display has been broken since before Berlin.

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Would also like to add that while Wikipedia isn’t exactly accurate, plenty of documentation on these weapons exist online, so if someone would correct any of these Wikipedia claims using historical sources, please do so.

Bazooka was shit most of the time. It depends a lot on the warhead, and they sucked hard, mostly against anything superior than the Panzer IV. US soldiers complained most of the time about their pen value (they couldn’t pen the Tiger I model at all for most of the time) and their post-pen dmg as well if they didn’t hit the engine or any other critical spot. So its post-pen is logical, depending on the warhead (since it’s Df either an outdated one or the crappiest they could have found).

Most AT weapons ingame irl were used to either scare off tanks from running over infantry (in urban area, which is why the Panzerfaust has a better reputation than the US launchers as the Germans were mostly defending and either hide in the flanks or shoot from houses etc.) or to cripple them. Not this OHK blow-up-turret thing people mostly think.

Bazooka had better performance in Bulge, but mostly only because towed guns and tanks and the Allied airforce were crippled there.

I don’t know anyway why people always switch to the M1 looking at the better and cheaper PIAT. I do it for historical accuracy but still…

This still does not change the fact that in-game M1 Bazooka is missing 30mm of its calibre, and Panzerfausts are missing 61mm of its calibre. Anti-tank weapons in-game are really bad compared to the explosive packs and plane bombs, at least for Normandy in my opinion, so it would not hurt to make the calibre correct, which I think will affect its gameplay (Volumetric? Post-pen?).

But then it isnt a game changing feature but just stat card issue. The stat cards doesnt necessary represent the ingame performance and if people still think the Panzerfaust has 2mm penetration, then they are just dumb or woody and think its a conspirancy by the jews ehh the devs to make fun about the yankees.

? Its just description. The Panzerfaust and the Bazooka are penetrating just fine as they should most of the time. The post-pen damage of the Bazooka is correct (once again, this gun was crap most of the time so rl performance kinda matters)

No, it is not just a stat card issue. Otherwise, why else would all of the anti-tank weapons have different calibers respectively? The warhead explosion power and armor penetration are constant, which means that their just using stock numbers for display purposes only. Also, all the anti-tank rifles in-game have their correct values, which means that the developers probably intended to try make the weapon calibres accurate. Hell, even the mortars are all accurate, with the exception of the 2-inch mortar, which is only 1mm off.

Now, whether or not the weapon caliber actually affects the anti-tank weapon is uncertain, as there is no evidence as yet to support, or disprove otherwise. Nevertheless, these incorrect calibres are insignificant to gameplay, and there are more pressing issues that the developers will probably fix first before fixing these.

They don’t affect performance, only the ammo fired does, for example bazookas have their correct 60mm pen, or panzerfausts 60 have 180mm pen

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I give up. You are too… special.
Okay. Statcards always show the real performance.
I still dont how I can pen the front of a T-34s and Panther despite the stat card fact that the Faust only has 2mm penetration.
Oh and planes can fly 600kmh plus. Okay. No one ever reached that speed and the devs said they nerfed maximum speed of vehicles so they cant even reach 500kmh but stat cards are always right.


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“But yeah, the armor pen display has been broken since before Berlin.”
“The warhead explosion power and armor penetration are constant, which means that their just using stock numbers for display purposes only.”

I didn’t know I had to be much more explicit when replying to forum posts, so that is my bad, and I apologize for it. /s

-No, I do not think or believe the armor penetration values in the stat card show real performance.

-I believe that the weapon calibres are showing its real in-game performance.

-I believe that weapon calibres do affect the post-penetration damage of the anti-tank weapons.

-I know for a fact that there is no evidence to support or deny the claim that weapon calibres do affect the post-penetration damage of anti-tank weapons.