LOL, i have 77 M1895



I guess im in your same situation 23 of them in normandy are full star from the old bronze drop

LOL.Now the 1895 sell only 2 bronze

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The issues is fixed now

I have too much M1895 ,Before, you could sell 8 cards, but now you can only sell 2 cards, which is lower than any other battle. I don’t need so many m1895. Please return part of m1895 to me and convert it into silver card

I bought too many m1895 when I saw that 8 cards could be sold at first, but I didn’t sell them all the time, because I wanted to sell them after I reached the level. If I knew at the beginning that I could only sell 2 cards, I wouldn’t buy so many m1895. I bought 124 m1895 in total, which is too much. I asked the official to delete my 70 or 50, or even less, and return some silver weapons cards to me,PLS,