List of stuff that needs fixing (with screenshots)

I don’t know if these are bugs or just devs didn’t notice these but I’ve been taking a few screenshots of weird stuff.
In no priority order:

  1. Weird head proportions and clothing clipping issues

  2. Levitating tankers (maybe has been fixed?)

  3. Random splashes of “dirt” when simply slowly moving left or right (example here is Chi Ha)

  4. Clipping issues of 2nd slot weapon when using stationary MGs

  5. Weird black rectangle on BP items (looks like mirrored version of the big card at the top)

  6. Falling under the ground and being unable to spawn

  7. Ultra-mega-low quality inside textures of tank hatches

  8. Weird hand positioning of tankers

  9. German “mullbinde” on Soviet med packs (Devs, I can draw a Soviet texture for free)

  10. Article “an” when the following noun does not start with a vowel

  11. Misalignment of everything

  12. 1-14 of what? meters/inches/ingame units

  13. Degtyarev or Degtyarov? Hint: it’s Degtyarev

  14. Can my bots please GTFO when I’m building?

  15. Confrontation gamemode losses despite taking every objective

  16. American ammo boxes in Moscow and when playing as the Japanese (Devs, I can draw a Soviet/Japanese texture for free)

  17. Pitch black commander hatch insides and getting stuck on a leftover radiator

  18. “Could” means “in the past”, but we still can (also translations from Russian simply suck - Гугл-перевод на английский)

  19. Tank commander weapons falling through the cupola

  20. Looking at your own headless self when healing

To be continued

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It be easier if you just typed “The game” on the list of stuff that needs fixing

Especially historical accuracy. Pls new mode devs, dont ruin it


Weird black rectangle? That is just the background of the reward. Without that black rectangle the x10 bronze order word will look awkward.

Do you have OCD? This is not a alignment simulator lol.

The quadrilateral

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Ok now I see, need to wipe my glasses to see that.

On this part, I think they just need to better clarify what the win conditions are. PERSONALLY I like the options for winning.

How long have this bug been there?

This graphic bug was on T-28E for a long time, but fixed in the latest “wind system and dispersion” major update, I think the developers should know how to fix it.

Please also report to CBR, thank you!

sniper STG44 non-scope aim


your nitpicking.

So? Does that mean these things should not be fixed? No where does he say that this makes the game bad, I don’t know why you have to be so defensive about it