Limiting squads as vehicle squads are already limited

it’s fairly straight forward, the game can get a bit ridiculously hectic when there’s six assault squads holding a point, all with FG42s, MKBs, etc… for a time that consisted mainly of just riflemen, and struggled to supply them with enough ammo for even that, it seems weird that we should have access to a huge cache of assault and automatic weapons to use.

I would propose limiting the MG, Radio, AT, Sniper, Flamethrower, Mortar, and Engineer squad to one per team, the Assault squads to two, and having free reign for riflemen, which imo should be limited to mainly Bolts and Semis, with the squad lead potentially having an MKB or FG42. I find it very difficult to believe that the Germany who just lost a massive offensive into Russia, at the time of the Operation Overlord, has a large supply of very valuable automatic rifles sitting at the least protected beaches in France. The currently available power creep is certainly not lost on the community, as more and more advanced weaponry and tanks are added to the game, the question must be asked, can a level 1 squad, with a level 1 player, feasibly stand a chance at winning against their opponent without needing some outside assistance? as we approach the possibilities of gameplay including heavier and stronger armored vehicles, can a regular infantry squad with maybe two explosive packs actually take them out?

Pff NO! Limit the same squad spawn and limit SF to enginer problem solved


I unlock the squad, I have a slot to place it, let me use it
That’s nothing more nothing less than personal taste on what the game should be. A bolt action Fiesta.

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Soviet main detected, bet you spam AVS and PPSH


That would not even work.
Squads can’t be used again until you used two other squads. So you would lock out free players from playing all together.



But I’d be open to a SEPARATE game mode with realistic loadout.

The actual game mustn’t change however, I’m having fun as is.


I vote this. Historical gamemode (ideally with more realism) would be nice.
I hope moders will do sth along those lines.


I mean, there’s something like this in WT, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched :thinking:

They could attempt to recreate historical battles with actual loadouts. Such as Normandy allies facing a limited number of tigers, with a very large quantity of Shermans, Garand equipped riflemen, 1 sarge with Thompson, k98 armed Germans with some mg42…

They could do it if they wanted, I’m sure of it.

Plus, doing so would remove the reason of existence of, let’s face it, often very biased and stupid community ideas such as “limit this, nerf that, boost this, replace that with this”

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Historically accurate game mode would be pure cancer, even if it was just historical inventories with the reliability and logistical factors removed. Let’s just do Normandy.
To start, the only planes the Germans get is the Fw 190 while the Allies get both P-38, the P-47 the A-20, the P-51D-5 (the P-51Cs were all on escort missions for B-17s). Also, both sides get 6 plane slots as that is minimum size for a squadron for both sides.
For tanks, Jumbo and Panzer IV J get removed, the Americans get 5 tank slots and the Germans get 3, as those were the minimum tank platoons for their respective sides (At least in theory, the Germans sometimes used tank platoons of pairs or due to lack of resources).
Now for Infantry weapons and oh boy, this is where you start to see how lopsided the war was. For starters, remove the British weapons, M1903 Springfield, M1903a1 Springfield, Browning M1918a1, M3a1 Submachine gun, M1 Bazooka and M2 Carbine. Make the FG 42 an MG, as the FG was used in the role of a squad automatic weapon for the fallschirmjager and lock the Gewehr 43 to assaulters as it was traditionally issued to higher ranks/special forces like SMGs typically are. Americans start with the M1 Garand as a starter weapon, and the Infantry squads on both sides become 1 assaulter, 1 bomber, 1 machine gunner and 6 regular infantry. Now for the part that breaks everything, the remaining primary weapons in the American weapon pool looses all restrictions. The American doctrine was stupid flexible, and if you pestered your CO enough, you could have your choice of weapon, whether that be a Carbine, Thompson or BAR and there are recorded instances of American infantry squads charging into battle only fielding BARs. If you tried that in the German or British army, you would get court marshalled for insubordination, and if you tried that in the Soviet or Japanese army, you would probably be laughed at, and then shot.

Ok, let me clarify.
Historicalish gamemode. So it’s more historical than the current one but still playable.
And that part about more realism doesn’t mean that dying causes you to get permabanned nor does it send Gajin spec ops to eliminate you.

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Woah woah, calm down eheh :laughing:

I only suggested a mode like the one in WT. Nothing more. It would ofc not be exactly like real ww2 battles, such as the allied human wave in Normandy vs poorly equipped German garrisons.

Simply something limiting loadout options, like historical WT mode that limited the type and amount of tanks.

Would hopefully calm down those constantly complaining about historical weapons and vehicles, they’d have a shiny modej ust for them.

Limiting loadouts is great to historical loadouts is, except when you get to the Americans who as I stated, historically had some pretty stupid loadouts. Blame having the largest industry in the world for that.

Not really, I expect my usa troops to be extremely well armed compared to the poor Japanese in the next campaign. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as devs find proper mechanics to balance things out.

Unlike Moscow… :unamused:

Nah, With Japan, there are quite a few things they can do to make it balanced, even if they want select fire rifles.