Limit on mission size?

I actually backed up the old version: (96,4 kB)

However as i stated above i don’t have time to do the testing until tomorrow


Well… Sandbox save all versions.
Just need change latest number for change version.
I did it and got your older version. Version that have 1.8mb and contains many objects.

OOOOO It’s saved online? Thats interesting! and also can be very useful. Didn’t know that…

Link to latest vestion is:
I just change 15 to 2.

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Emm, Keo, could I ask……When will the editor be updated? :rofl:

I wouldn’t expect an editor update between major updates

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Currently time limit mission size is 10mb.
Sandbox don’t allow upload file bigger then +10 mb.

I was tried upload mod with “custom” map and it had 65 mb size lol.
Test in multiplayer + want check battle of moon (sadly, but bin file was removed so… no moon maps).