Limit on mission size?

When i wanted to test my mission in-game i got this message:

It has 8300 rendinsts, and looks like it went over the server limit??? Has anyone encountered anything like this before?


One guy too reach it.
Here no size limit, but seems multiplayer have object or rendinst limit.
(i was able launch mod with 1mb, when other guy had 600kb).


if you can tell me where i can find the total amount of rendist used in my mission, i can perhaps answer this question.

( for a fact, i know that i have used alot of reindist as well to custom build lots of buildings and objects in my scene. but i don’t know if i reach or surpass the 8k )

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I simply zoom out and select everything, then pressing P reveals all created entites. ( in my case 8125)


i see.

yeah… i don’t have 8k :joy:


it does work for me:

so, maybe just try to restart.

one suggestion about your mission if you allow me,

lock the car inside the A point.
so no team can enter it.

otherwise you can just destroy covers ( such as the trailers, logs, and other piles ) instantly.

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Mission size was reduced from 1.7MB to 570kb. The result:

It finally works! From this i can somewhat confidently say that:

Mission max size is about at 600kb.
Rendinst max number is about at 2000-3000.

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Mission size can be +1mb. I did some tests with enlisted_player object. It code was 1mb lol.
So… Here seems only rendinst limits.

Damn lost file.
Only this remains as shitty proof:

Yeah. It contain all info about player and squads.
I once time tried make custom squads by this method.

Mission size can be +1mb.

You may be right on this one. My other mission (which by the way has worked perfectly fine 2-3 weeks ago) refused to launch yesterday, like this mission. It’s got 3100 Rendinst but only size of 750kb…


I think we must increase the size limit. Now my map includes 3000 entities, and it is only 1/3 complete! I won’t be able to continue soon…


It seems like there are also limits on number of poly_points per match…
The version of my moscow night battle map with 80 poly points refused to start, i decreased the number to 30 and voila:

It is a lot of fun to debug these limitations, deleting hours of work to find out what causes the problems…


I put hundreds of flame effects, but only about half of them are displayed… I think this limit is terrible!

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Oh no… That’s nearly 3500 entities

Holy ****

Emm, I‘m not sure what you want to say :joy:

I think you should suggest the staff to increase the limit. That’s too little

Hello. We want to solve this problem and we need your help.
Please share the following information with us:

  • start the mission in a large number of rendinst
  • at the loading stage, take a screenshot (clouds screen) and take a screenshot from the battle if you can load it
  • after the server gives an error, close the client and send the last log from the .logs~enlisted folder

With this information, we will be able to solve the problem.


Older version (2 post) Bazsi37 map (Battle in the Sky):

Screenshot in loading stage:

Log (I hope it’s it. It’s latest log):
2022_07_28_15_08_32__11024.clog (1.1 МБ)

Please fix drafts.


Additional info:
This map without any problems loads in editor:

Earliest i can do this is Friday afternoon (work doesn’t leave me much freetime :frowning: )