Let's open the Pacific Front!

Again another odd weapon if this is supposed to be Guadalcanal ?

No Australian Troops fought on Guadalcanal

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That’s really FAST. Only 1.5 years for a complete new campaign (from leak to release).

Dont forget Stalingrad has been in the game folder since OAT–2020.4. And that project obviously started much earlier than that point. And released in 2022.3.

Hope dev can bring something new with this campaign.
I think it’s time to bring asymmetric balance. How could dev balance the tanks?

Also seems dev abandoned the paid for once model. Stalingrad model falls.
Traditional paid for once/pay to play. Is a very hard model for game. Need lots of marketing and strategy.
Due to 2022.3 Russia-Ukraine War, Gaijin stopped any marketing. A great impact on paid for once model.

Also, still, seems everyone here are more used to F2P + Lots of grinds model… So…

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It’s an Anti Aircraft Vehicle

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damn now I’m hyped and I thought I wouldn’t be… I didn’t even finish reading the devblog and I already sent 30 euro to the almighty snail…
thank you darkflow for listening to the community

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PS: Hope dev can consider Poland or France 1939/40 as next campaign.
Early WW2 campaigns are rarely touched by most games, or even movies.

Just keep on making WW2 & early military conflicts. Dont touch Coldwar & Soviet army until Ukraine war ended. Gaijin wont able to get rid of the politic correctness from the west…


What’s odd about that is that, as far as I can tell there are no, IJN Special Naval Landing Forces :slight_smile:

They added a 44/45 IJA Para Assault squad, instead of an IJN Para Squad, that would of been period correct for a 42/43 time frame, although the IJN paratroopers did not operate in the SWPA, but a lot of Normal IJN Special naval landing forces did.

Keofox can you change stalingrad to this new method? Just simply remove the locked levels and it should be good.


uuuh, you do know that the red army has nothing to do with Ukraine war, right?


Oh well…
When can we PreOrder?
when for Consoles?

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I mean, I think it’s an odd choice as well, I’d personally prefer to have a dedicated Kokoda Track campaign - no semi-autos, unique engineer structures (I assume that mountain cannons were used in such rough terrain), probably no tanks, so I’d think it would be a really interesting campaign.

But if they decide to do it this way, I hope it’s not just “a couple of minor allies’ weapons here and there to add a bit of uniqueness to the campaign”, but rather a sort of package - a squad from a non-main nation with the weapon form it as well.

I just did

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Where? Xbox? PS?

Red army (RKKA) had ended in 1946. And from there on, it’s Soviet armed force(CA).
Russia is pretty much the successor of Soviet, and the successor of CA.
Also I think if Ukraine war dont end quickly. This may be the start of next cold war (or even active war).

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Why are their mouths half-open…


So are they giving up on doing actual battles to have time-accurate equipment? Or is this supposed to be the Battle of Guadalcanal which happened from 1942 to 1943? If not, then what was the point of separating Moscow from Stalingrad if they plan on simplifying the Pacific? Are they going to merge those two together and create an actual “Front” system?


PC can PreOrder ok.

Consoles when?


And their skin is too clean and no shadow…


So this is going to be a full Pacific front instead of just a single campaign?


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Only 30USD? That’s too “nice” than previous CBT campaign squads.
They usually sold at 50USD for a pair of CBT squads.

It’s on the site