Let us choose teams in events

Hi. Just as the title says, I would like to be able to choose sides in events instead of it being forced random.

What was the point of having Axis vs Allied statistics in the moonbase event, when it was also random? I can see that stacking could be an issue, but limiting squads to 1-2 players in events should alleviate that.

I guess this event serves the purpose of checking what is the game ballance when it’s not affected by difference in the population.


That sounds fair, but I would like some more events to not be forced random in the future.

For my 2 games I just played on my team were about 4-5 marshals (including myself) agains 1-2, and I won both battles easily, so I can say having more top military rank players is against the “balance” itself.

i think being “forced” to play randoms and getting outside your comfort zone is what makes it fun

To be fair that’s the whole point of this event, with people having no choice in choosing a side, the matchmaking gets to place equal amounts of players on each side

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It’s fine for one event once in a while(having randomness be the point of an event), but not every single one.

I still prefer choice and it would be interesting to see event statistics related to that in events.

I totally disagree. The randomness is what I like the most in this event. Players just cant pick a side because they are loving the guns or whatever. It was a complete catastrophy for the Stalingrad event as most players picked Axis.


It’s fine for one event, but there are people like me who want to choose a side during an event, for the next one.

If Randomness isn’t the main point of an event, let us choose sides. If anyone else likes random teams, don’t untick the random teams option. That way everyone gets what they want and nobody is forced to do anything

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There are plenty of people like myself who don’t want to be forced to play both sides, we just want to chill out and play the side we want, and because of that I’m ignoring the event.

I just hope they let us choose sides again in the future

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I just don’t wanna play on the slavic teams. It’s just annoying using things with Russian bias like the IL-2, that thing can turn faster than any plane in the game, and as a pilot that really annoys me.