Label Gunner Positions in Bombers

Can we please get a description added for bombers/attack aircraft (with more than 1 gunner) that tells us where each gunner is located?

Right now, each slot is simply labeled gunner which tells me nothing about where in the plane they are going to be seated.

This is specifically an issue for both the Ju-188 and the SB-2M, and it’s particularly important for those who don’t have max levels (i.e., all the gunner positions filled).



I can tell you at least for a fact Ju188 has a nose 20mm gunner, top bubble 20mm gunner, a top rear 13mm gunner, and a belly rear duel 7.92mm gunner

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You could found it from warthunder

I understand the fact that there are multiple gunners. But this screenshot is an example:

Everyone is just labeled “gunner.” Which one is in the nose, which one is in the tail? I’m just asking for labels, that’s all.

I might want the guy on the tail gun to have the enemy aircraft detection range perk, I might want the guy on the front to have Vitality. Just part of, you know, planning my personnel and where they’re allocated.


Shouldn’t have to install War Thunder to play Enlisted.

Shouldn’t have to rely on an entirely separate game to understand the one I’m playing.

If I need to explain that better, I can.