Kicked by Anticheat Server after 10-20 sec start of round

At European or Easter Europe servers evenings and midnights I have got problem with Anticheat Server. I can start game and join round, but after 10-20 seconds I will be kicked out. This has happened now few days.

Later at night or next day time I can play normally.

Restarting game don’t help.

Problem might be my internet operator or not…

There is not any information what really is problem. Game do not show any lag problems, so it might be problem in internet between me and Anticheat Server or Anticheat Server is too busy.

turn off the cheats and try again… :stuck_out_tongue:

but on serious note, think that servers are shit, you are mega lagging and anti cheat is setup to kick people who lag a lot cause it can be used to cheat.

How funny you are. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: :joy:

Anyway back to business. Game itself do not show any information of lag.

I run file check from Enlisted launcher. No problems.

Enlisted Analyzing files

Run against operator server at Spain 5ms. Also against Brussel 54ms and Helsinki 75ms.
Download speed was everytime 150-250 and upload 150-200.

Other games of Gaijin do not give any problem.

So, which problem you vote?

I like to get some report from Anticheat between my client and them server. Not only note about kick.
Is them server or connection shitty or mine? If problem is only with Anticheat, I will not put any more time for Enlisted. Beta or not.

Forget to say H&G works without problems. After Enlisted it is pooring. :frowning:

it is cause servers are shit. they can be at lag and blame user for it. no amount of user diagnosing can help if that is the problem. people were complaining yesterday cause of no hitbox registration. also they have good connection.

idk if it just peak hours, or servers dont like you. try playing in different region and see if problem persists.

also disable seeding and DHT. you may be seeding in middle of game and that is causing the lag.

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Thanks. I will disable seeding and DHT.

I afraid it is problem with Easy Anticheat server. It can’t handle peak time. Maybe Enlisted do not pay more, so we get what we pay.

I found reason. It is in Enlisted Launcher. I fixed it “manually”. Lets hope developers change way how Enlisted activate Easy Anticheat. Now it can fail in some situations.


Exact reason is that I pinned Enlisted Client on Windows task bar. When I start game by using it, Enlisted Launcher haven’t run and Easy anticheat has not run properly.

Enlisted client should check is Easy Anticheat up an running. Now error message do not give any reason what is going. Specially when Anticheat kick player out 20-30 seconds after round has start.