Johnson Premium Squad

Feeling a bit like a change saw this squad, even tried it out on practice, but it is premium but only engineer rank I, so I presume I cannot build mg nests like eng II, anyone bought it?

they can build the mg nest


Pretty sure they can only build MG Nest if you bought them and use it on the match or something idk

Do you use them, I just want to be sure I’m level eng II already, don’t want to lose mg nest, in practice mode I cannot see MG nest option? Just sandbags etc

i use them when i dont want to grind, i find that the rifle is really good
but i have not used them in a while so they might have changed

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I bought it, is the only premium i have bought, but have not used it for a bit, as i am doing Tunisia atm.


Bought German equivalent just to stand out, thanks guys

If you want an FG42 counter this is it, but no full auto, love it!

Meh, m2 ftw in cqb. Not amazing from afar, but I always have a BAR guy for that.
As for the John, it’s nice indeed :thinking:

i have it. amazing weapon, good overall squad. sadly, only 4 members…

every premium eng squad can build everything an eng level 1 or 2 can.