Its bad for the business!

Dear devs,

its not hard to see that if one side is constantly steamrolled it will be fustrating. Futration is not what people are seeking in a game (usually). So pls do something, I wont suggest your anything. Its you job to work it out, you have time for this all day every day. I wont waste my time to come up with solutions for you.

Im just telling you its fustrating and people tend to abandon fustrating things at the end, even if they really want it to get better.


I don’t see one side constantly steamrolled. Maybe at some hours of some days when some players are playing a certain team. If that ever happens, if I get rolled in 2 games in a row, I’ll maybe switch campaigns and the problem is solved. I have successfully rolled and been rolled by every side of every campaign in this game.


Ever played moscow?


Yes, I am max level.

This game is broken and getting worse. I’d elaborate but it’s the same stuff that’s been said. Spawning in late, lack of balance, etc.

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I’ve played every day for the past three months, and four more hours a day than I care to admit, I normally just play Tunisia, axis, Unless the daily challenge sends me someplace else, I think I’ve got like 800 battles or something, and I normally play during the day in the Pacific time zone, I do see battles where one side rolls the other but it’s not that frequent and it’s not that consistent, consistent in the sense that it’s always the same side doing it, it feels to me like it’s maybe 10% of the time that this happens it’s not all the time by any means .

But there might be some odd day where you get rolled three times in a row.

I’m sure the actual figures for this or some sort of state secret and they’re never going to tell us, but my gut instinct is that if it was a big freaking deal the numbers would tell them it was a big freaking deal and they would do some big freaking thing to fix it :slight_smile:

But everybody’s mileage varies just because it doesn’t seem to be a big thing to me doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t for somebody else and maybe they play in a different time zone on different servers

What kind of suggestion is this where a guy tells the other to figure out by just mumbling ?

How is someone supposed to do anything.
Without a little foundation.

I have been playing the game for more than 2 years, all factions and all campaigns. Yes the game is not balanced and often newcomers con veterans get steamrolled. THE STATE IS INCREDIBLY UNSUSTAINABLE. This is why I have called for a proper matchmaker over and over again. It won’t solve all the problems, but it will at least provide some improvement.
Furthermore, it must be said again that the rank system in its present form is nonsense. It punishes people who leave Steamroll games because they have no desire for such shit. As reward they get a reduction in rank points. How weird is that?
Or to tie rank points to a team win instead of your own performance is just as weird when a vetrean with only newbies and bots plays against 5-6 veterans. Laughable!

A completely unthought-out system that I don’t think I need to understand.

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