Issue i found a soloution to that may or may not be obvious (suggested for higher FPS for low to mid end systems, Win 10/11)

So, let me take the story for the beginning.

So i had a massive issue with the game apparent of FPS issues, we are talking as fast as someone dropped basically anything on the ground that made any explosive effect basically made my FPS drop to 30 or below. But i seem to found somewhat of a soloution and if you have somewhat of the same issue i’ve listed after this, maybe take a chance at this. It worked for me.

So if you are running windows 10 or 11, since both are more or less the same, i’ll just list it in the same way. But anyway. What you want todo is todo is following:

Press the windows key > find settings > in settings find the thing called “games” First you’ll have to turn on the “gamemode” which will force you basically to restart you’re system after doing this. This will overall boost performance for most systems anyways as long as windows can detect the game on it’s own. Basically scheduling everything properly for those games in “high performance mode” Anyways after this (and after a restart) > go back to that same place, go into the folder under it that says “graphics” in there you’ll now need to browse for the game were you installed it, for me for example were “F:\Enlisted” because i just used a top folder. In that folder now. There will be a folder called “Win64” in win64 select now with the games graphics tab browser to open the file called “enlisted” or if you got extensions “enlisted.exe” NOT the “enlisted-min-cpu” I got no idea yet of what that does, but maybe some can inform me but as long as i know this fix worked great for me. Now i can sit with pretty much a 100 FPS + stable. Instead of dipping below 30 everytime an explosive goes off.

I really hope gaijin fixes this stuff automatically soon. Cause i can see it being something people easily would miss out on.

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Going to test this.