Is it worth killing enemy plane?

In this game, I killed 7 enemy planes.
Is it worth it?
If talking about teamwork, yes.
As a player, no.

I tried to stop the US’s P-47D and A20’s attack, I have killed ‘7’ planes,
it seems didn’t stop them well, but they can kill a lot more if I didn’t try to stop them.
The problem is that killing enemy planes and keeping the sky clear will make me do much less on the ground, so the experience I earn will dramatically decrease.
I can have a hundred kills instead of spending most of the time chasing planes.
Some types of plane’s job are air to air battle, they rarely get a lot of kills from bombing the ground.
My suggestion is to increase the experience for the air battle. What do you guys think?


We’ve been asking for them to increase the rewards from downing planes since last year.
Godspeed Chinaman


absolutely agree. I spend a lot of time drowning enemy planes and when I do that, I only win few points. If instead killing enemy planes I play as infantry will win a lot more points.

If devs don’t change that, I’m not going to loose more time and points for that. Is a waste of time.


It is
End game xp as:
200xp non premium
400 with premium.
600 if killed with premium squad with premium time.

Do you need more xp than that? I can give you.

1,5 X if you win.
1.x X times per best squad or best position in-game.

A single plane kill can grant you 1000 xp end match… Do you srsly need more?? Or are you so focused on in-game scoreboard?

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Thats why killing infantry is better, is what i been saying but ppl in denial


Perhaps if they have the same reward for killing planes more would try to do it and this is something they do not want ??

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It is even worse when the pilot of the plane you are shooting suicides, understanding that he is going down (and they do most of the time). Even less exp.


I was thinking about this today! It takes a lot of time and a decent amount of effort to kill an enemy plane, and what do you get? Hardly anything in terms of points.
I’ve seen players on both sides just ignoring each other as they just want the bomb kills.
“Dogfighting = Less bombing runs = BAD”

I think the points need to be increased a lot for killing an enemy plane.

I love doing it and I like helping my team not get bombed into oblivion, BUT I always feel like my time was wasted a little bit when I could be getting 3-11 kills instead of 1.


It definitely should yield more points. 300 points per downed plane wouldn’t be a bad deal.

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Just had one of the best games as a fighter pilot ever. All of my 10 vehicle destroys were planes. I ended up middle (15% of the game as inf, but didn’t do anything great) of the leaderboard which is a shame.

On Invasion too, where killing the enemy aircraft is probably the 2nd (maybe 3rd after killing tanks) most important job after def / atk the point, as bombs can wipe out a whole wave of an attack force. I hope they increase the points for dogfighting.

I didn’t even get the Fighter Pilot badge, some enemy got it with 1 vehicle destroy LOL


Vehicle destruction should definitely give more score, especially taking down planes. At least with tanks you get more than one kill usually. 2nd would be more fitting on that scoreboard after taking down 10 planes. On the other hand tankers get way too many assists due to some bug.

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