Introduce Stalingrad's bolt-action buff to the rest of the campaigns!

but it shows how biased you are germany suffers please help me noooooooooooooo

Looks at maxed out Stalingrad both sides
Looks at maxed out Normandy both sides
Looks at mid-campaign Moscow both sides
Looks at 20+ level Tunisia both sides
Looks at Berlin


You’re right, in Berlin I maxed out Germans while still only lvl 26 with Russians, so I must indeed be a biased German main.

Let me get in the role -AHEM!- NOOOOOO Soviets OP PPSH OP nerf Soviets Germany suffers unnerf MP43 gib panzershreck noooooo

Am I doing it right yet?


yea like a natural

Now let me try a different role

NOOOO you can’t just OHK me with a crappy starter rifle noooooo you noob camper real pros run and gun with BAR/M1916/FG42/AVS noooooo the meta is spamming full auto THE META IS SPAMMING FULL AUTO how dare you be effective with WWI tech noooooo full autos should OHK everybody no matter what so the more auto I spam the better I am at the game noooo by the way US suffers anyway

Guess which role is that?


Darth Vadder - My apologies Only remembered the first paragraphs.

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Why is it the devs fault if you suck?

You didnt read the part with the dmg drop-off, didnt you?

Woody, for the love of good. Go to elementary school again. You cant even read properly.


Woody, this is the Colt M1911

This is the M1919A6

For the love of god… dont make it easier for me than it already is.

Not really. You think stuff like barrel length, weight or reliability has no influence?
And again. If they are “the same” then why have BAs higher dmg drop-off than machine guns?

But woody, didnt you said that…

(Why is it NEVER the games fault when someone else sucks but not when you suck?)


Enlisted Meme Woody VI is a analphabet


but it is the games fault it has nothing to do with skill its the same round period nice edit by the way you originally said 1919 not 1911 so
just keep showing your biased nooooooo Germany really does suffer i swear man every word out of your mouth is literally Germany suffers who are you trying to sell this to me or yourself. kind of leaning towards your self tbh

still germutts you will cry about every thing

Why is it NEVER the games fault when someone else sucks but not when you suck
but go ahead and give me 2 paragraphs of how Germany suffers :rofl:

Said WastedWojak…

op allies noooooooo they stomped me its not fair

Please go on.

When you’ll realize what’s wrong, it will be too late to pretend you were kidding…

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you do realize im kicking you right

Okay, whats the excuse for that now? I hacked both your account and DF or what?

Well. Why do you need a Pershing to be a good tanker? I dont need a Pershing to kill a Panther. My Firefly is cool enough for that.

Meh. I just like to make fun of retarded people. I just hope that you don’t have a high school degree, otherwise the U.S. education system is worse than I thought. I dont wanna help you. Helping you would mean grabbing a shotgun or calling the closest mental asylum… or your parents and tell them that you skip school again.
Arguing would mean we are on the same level, and you are not. The same level would require at least a decent level of English (at least elementary-school level, which you probably failed too often) and a decent level of (self-) dignity.

Was there any thread where you spam this, which was not about game balance? Gay

Oh wait. I am wrong. There is one way to help you.
Letters are not scary. They are funny!


Well. The majority of players don’t wanna have FG for everyone in first place, which is why the devs addressed this issue a while ago and even limited the availability for the AVT and the Mkb in Stalingrad. So I dont get it why you have such a high focus on a minority. I mean kinda yes since you suffer from autism and a country with bad education level.
Panther and Tiger… well, say thanks to the same people who started the road to meme with the Jumbo spam I guess.

yes but not for germaqns fg42 it still remains but no one else can have what they have and they break the rules of every one else follows just like avs with an extra clip

Try to get the concept of Stalingrad and ehm like always try to actually read and understand my statements.

But woody. I thought the devs are axis-biased? Why are they helping the Soviets all of the sudden?

lol whats your excuse then. mom didn’t love you enough or your dad beat you or something
hell i wouldn’t be surprised if your uncles touch you in naughty places so whats your problem why are you such a German main