Introduce Stalingrad's bolt-action buff to the rest of the campaigns!

I’ve stormed plenty of caps while hipfiring a Karabiner. Bolt-Action rifles should not be so easily overshadowed by SAs and SMGs, especially because they were the most common rifle in the war, and in-game.

SAs and SMGs should have this damage drop from a one-shot kill (BA) to a one-shot down, giving BAs the damage advantage and everything else the firerate advantage. Right now, BAs and SAs are much too close to be seperate, and SAs are always the weapon of choice over a BA since both have the ability to one-shot down from close and medium range.


it allows them to camp as you can kill in one shot no matter what so they hide its the bolt action buff

Because, thankfully, BA are so good there that, although SA and autos are better, the difference is marginal enough that you don’t feel like you absolutely need to ditch BA asap. They STAY competitive even at higher levels.

If you enter a room with a fully loaded BA in Stalingrad, you have the potential to RELIABLY kill 5 guys in roughly 5 seconds or little more, the limiting factors being your reflexes and aim rather than your weapon. That’s a good enough TTK imho.

“Reliably” being the keyword here, since in other campaigns there’s a good chance you may still just down people and need further shots to finish them off, which would require reloading or rushing to melee, and anyway give the enemy chance to fight back.


the BA buff in stalingrad works only on short distance, the snipers are just people with good aim and will do it with or without buffs

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I leveled up the Soviets mostly with the standard BA rifle and was pretty surprised how you can encounter semi and full automatics and storm the objectives. I would definetely agree to bring that to other compaigns, specially tunisia.
Edit: I needed 20 minutes more to max out the russians with mostly BA rifles, whereas I bought every best possibility with the axis, just saying.


Ironic, that majority of the players who dont want those mechanics, NEVER played Stalingrad.
@34357084 Before playing the smart-butt, test the mechanics before yelling around. Otherwise your intelligent and productive comments are pointless.


no normandy used to be close to this so did berlin and moscow so i have seen it before its not new
it sucked then it sucks now no need to waste my time with it

i have played it. its shit bunch of snipers hiding not on objective wont play objective if you find that fun feel free to play that but dont push that shit on me

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they dont need to be competitive there starter level gear why the fuck would you not get rid of ba for a semi

If bolt actions are buffed people are less likely to use FG42, sounds like a win win


not really whats the point of leveling if there gunna force us to spam ba basically starter gear which is down right stupid 1 shot bolts is stupid idea

Are you trying to make self-contradiction a new competitive sport?


Oh… wasnt it the same time where the bunker machine guns had zoom, SAs better rof, no max-stat nerfed M1C and where autos, especially machine guns, didnt had crap dispersion from HnG and better recoil?
Yeah. Autos were so useless lol… let alone the biggest concern back there were camping Jumbos and nuke bombers, not the two or three people who sticked with the starter guns.


but why does starter gear have to be better than an mg with the same round as the ba
springfeild,m1 grand, bar, Johnson riffle, Lewis gun all shoot the same round as the bolt action so why are they not buffed to match the ba this is not just for the Americans each nation is like this
again why buff ba

again learn to read why should i have to use a ba when im fully leveled
but also why buff the ba that doesnt make it competitive it makes it op theres a difference you just wanna stomp people from half the map away while not playing the objective

Like… the Springfield is on the same effectiveness level as a machine gun… except you can wipe down more people with a 20/ 50 / 100 clip-sized automatic gun than with a bolt action rifle with 5 clips…
Since you are superior to us (I mean nobody has such a nice English like you… maybe AchtCola), I don’t need to go further why an automatic gun with similar dmg and more bullets is usually better than a rifle on most situations.
If the whole meta would just deals about dmg, people would complain about the AVT in Stalingrad instead of the Mkb since the AVT has higher dmg. Or why the PPSh is so popular in Berlin and partly even Moscow despite having lower dmg.

And again… you saw more people complaining about smgs and machine guns than about rifles in the old days of early OBT for obvious reasons.

What is the springfeild?

What has the Grand (you probably mean the Grant) to do with rifles on Normandy, lol?

What is this Johnson riffle?


At the same time, you could ask why the M1903 has a bigger dmg drop-off to a point where machine guns do more dmg on 300m than the rifle despite firing the “same” ammo type.
Also, same caliber doesn’t necessary mean same dmg etc. looking at the .45 (Thompson vs. M1911) or the 9mm PP (MP40 vs. P38)…
Long story, short answer: the devs separates gun classes regardless what kind of ammo they have.

Because it works better. The biggest complaints from people about the Stalingrad system who ACTUALLY played Stalingrad (instead of either relying on unreliable third-party claims or people who make pretty vague statements about the past without telling the whole story (either because they wanna manipulate or cause they are blind and ignorant)) were ineffective bipods and the MG drain (mostly in connection to the bipod story).
20 likes says a lot too…compared to two or three likes for you.

Ohterwise… for the meme…

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(Some) People gonna camp regardless how the gun meta is. During the early days of Stalingrad, the Scoped Mosin had a bug, which all-butfucked its trajectory, basically made the Scoped Mosin useless. Despite this, the Soviets still camped with it.

how do i lack skill on the decisions of the devs to nerf semis and atuomatics but yea i guess that’s a skill issue

yes all the guns i mentioned was the same round so why the difference in damage again why buff only ba

just like you to compare a p38 to the mp40 and the 1919 to the thompson not even the same rounds unlike the rounds i mention earlier are literally the same round no changes but the only difference between mg and ba is ba is more accurate that’s it. so changing ba to a one shot kill is op not competitive

Please don’t get me wrong, I want the bolt-action rifles buffed in other campaigns.

I’m starting to think Woody just can’t wrap his head around people holding RMB first and then clicking LMB, instead of holding LMB all the time while WASDing around.

Does he even have ADS command binded to any key at all?

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says the guy with horrible stats we all know its a skill issue for you
but its ok for ba to one shot but a semi with the same exact round cant one shot nooooooooo that’s op!!! allies op with semi atuos noooooo