Inspired by the 800's movie I would like to recommend

that the first campaign in asia or with the japanese is the battle of shanghai that is before the second world war but it is at the time and I think it would be something really interesting and never seen before

I hope the developers take this into account and hope to see this recommendation in a campaign

800s movie?
You mean 1800s, 800s, or 2800s?

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There were battles before that one in China, but the one you’re referring to is the one that led to the rape of Nanking, and this is politically sensitive I suppose, it was a protracted campaign where the Japanese were outnumbered yet succeeded against the Chinese nationalist forces, with very little quarter being given on either side which characterized most of the fighting in China between the Japanese and the Chinese, and between the reformed government of China troops which were politically aligned with Japanese, and of course the Chinese communists who were fighting both the nationalists the Japanese and the RGC troops.

It’s very interesting period in history.

I would very much like to see Chinese troops in the game, but I personally feel that the best theater for this would be Burma, largely because some of the best Chinese nationalist formations were sent there along with some of their tanks to help the British and commonwealth forces fight the Japanese during their invasion, and of course later on when they came back to push The Japanese out, ideally the 1942 timeframe would probably be the best one to model, as it would be easier to balance and it would provide for many levels and lots of interesting weapons not to mention a very interesting map with varied terrain


In fact, the Japs in battle of Shanghai have advantages both in the air and on the ground (especially the tanks and bombers). However, the tenacious defensive army gave them a head-on blow, which they had never expected before. They can not understand what kind of army can resist their proud imperial army at an absolute disadvantage at that time

In the states the term japs is a racial slur, and while I’m certain you didn’t mean it that way it’s generally best to avoid using it.

Yes! My personal suggestion is that the British and Chinese expeditionary forces launched a successful counterattack (thanks to equipment, cooperation awareness and good training) in the relevant battles in the Myanmar theater, and smashed the Japanese Imperial dream in Southeast Asia with the Americans’ victory in the Pacific


Many of the Chinese formations with Drew into India as the allied forces retreated out of Burma in 42 and they were requipped with American Lend Leise equipment, and then in 44 started to push back into Burma.

The problem you run into late war is it becomes very hard to balance the armor aspect of the game, the Japanese tanks really can’t compete with late war American equipment.

In 42, the playing field is more even, And you have a lot of interesting equipment especially from the Chinese side because they had some Soviet tanks and a lot of different weapons that would be new to the game, and 44 they’re just basically using American stuff which we’ve all seen quite a lot of this point

There’s a Chinese propag epic war movie about 800 soldiers sacrificing themselves to delay japanese invasion of Shangai.

Imagine 300, but with guns, less muscles, and more clothes.

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I view some part of the movie is not bad