Inconsistent armor penetration and overall terrible tank combat

Lets be real enlisted tank combat is terrible. Tanks keep getting stuck in little obstacles, they constantly get seizures if you happen to camp on the wrong spot of the land and finally also most importantly the armor penetration. It take half of your ap round to kill a single tank at a very close range

And don’t get me started on the “If you want some tank on tank combat then go play War Thunder” then whats the point of having tanks in enlisted if they can’t do their job ?


Before I started to expect more realistic penetration effects from the game I think I would have to start with having them have more realistic ammunition loadouts because the ones they currently have are pretty silly, so I think once they get that sorted out then we can talk more about penetration effects.

The real issue I have with the tanks is that every infantry player can kill you in a heartbeat, and the planes can fly down to point blank Range and drop a bomb on you and kill you in a heartbeat with no danger to themselves because the bombs all have a delay on them not long enough for you to get out of the way but long enough for them to get out of the way

And I totally agree about the obstacles on the map some of the campaigns are so cluttered that I won’t even take a tank out on them because it’s too frustrating, and if you get the tank stuck you have no way to unstuck it so you have to abandon it which is pretty frustrating as well so there is definitely some room for improvement here


On this one I have to say tanks are fun but need improvement.
Yes it’s a pain to navigate thru obstacles and I have suggested that players could hold a key down to look around just like you can do on aircrafts.
Tanks are great fun to kill and while vulnerable if they get isolated, they can also score lots of kills if done right.
So in a way it’s down to player skill and understanding what you should and should not do. But still, improve visibility as described above would make it a better experience while not breaking balance.

I love tank gameplay. True its need improvement, but if you know how to use it is fun as hell;P

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The only fun i had playing tank in enlisted. is when im trolling jumbo tanks with my puma.

I love my puma and my puma loves me too xddd