“In the Crosshairs”: Battle with the Developers

I also tried to play it but it crashed after some time. Sad.
Also chemical warefare caused immence lag. And I used a lot, a lot of chemical warefare :no_smoking:

It crash a lot wen you use too much artillery and i use a lot of them

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Were here because we have hope that the devs will finally see the light


Suicide bombing

Gray zone camping

grenade spam

Explosives spam

SF spam

Full auto spam

landmine spam

Pretty sure you havent played with and at the same time against a tryhard marshall team. Its fucking hell




No Need the bots will fully take the role of ultimate cancer now

The devs ruin their own game and they are proud of it

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too bad we can’t talk to the enemy teams after the match end. You really should consider adding an end-game lobby where we can chat with other players, congratulate each other, add friends and so on after a good match. Like, in this event, it would be really cool to talk to devs after the match.


Surprisingly, I not only play Enlisted, but also work in this cool game as a community manager. Often I go into battles to check on player complaints, reproduce the bug and file it so that the developers fix the problem and make it more interesting for you to play. Often after checking a bug, I leave the battle because (surprisingly) it’s work time and I have a lot of other things to worry about. Write a devblog for you, coordinate a team of assistants, prepare a new promotion, come up with prizes, collect feedback. :slight_smile:

But in the evenings when I am free, I am one of the best players who is not afraid of the gold color in the enemy team.


So, how to encounter dev during that time period? Is there a special room or entry?
Or just randomly bumped into your match?

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I will exploit every single bug in this game, reported several times over months by multiple players once I see one of you. And then I will drop the tea bag move while laughing diabolically in front of my screen. Lmao

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But are you aware of the games issues, when you play for example?

Or is getting mowed down by only full autos or SFs normal?

Same for kamikaze?

Artillery, grenade spam?

Grenade launcher spam?

Are you aware of these issues or no?

I am guessing yes

I love these forums…

“The devs don’t even play the game!!1!1!”

“The devs don’t stay for the whole match!1!!11”

“Let’s abuse the devs with all the stuff we’ve complained about1!11!!!”

Don’t ever change. I actually do mean that.

To their credit, they have addressed some of the outstanding issues. I’m not in complete agreement with all that they’ve done, or their lack of communication about the future (roadmap?), but they’re putting themselves into the game and they have given all of us lunatics a heads up when they’ll be playing.

Thanks for actually announcing something a day ahead of schedule, BTW.


Agree, now bot have a better arsenal and can build stuff, are 100% better than our avarage “eduardo” and people have complained about it

Really no one of us was hoping bot come with full squad armed to theeth and can fire artillery

Now can replace human and have deserter maybe is an help than an handicap


Keofox is a chad


imagine only 3 engineer points .

serious keofox?



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@1942786 I would love to play with you / against you, you say you test bugs, you are on PC I guess, so who tests ps5 bugs, have you tried the Tempest against a 110? Or spitfire Hispano cannons in Tunisia, against any plane, most you can do is make it smoke, these are cannons.

I even use VB over end game VC coz it’s easier to shoot planes down than use those cannons.

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Exactly, there probably isn’t any devs on console

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I love how this thread has turned into:

'The admins need too see how broken the game is, hey everyone you should all spam:




-Landmines (?? Genuinely no one uses these’

-Vehicles in general

That’ll show the admins!!!’

Like I’m actually amazed that people believe that using grenades is broken, or that SMGs are dirty @1942786 be careful! People are going to be using normal and standard game mechanics against you!!!


i want battle with developers after this last update… wtf is with all these bugs…

next time reward us with :fox_face: name decorators :fox_face: