In case you didn't know

BA rifles can now shoot through wooden buildings in moscow.
Have fun.

It turned out they always could but I forgot. My bad.


I thought they always could.

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I’m not sure but I don’t think they could. I recall only tanks’ MGs could.

Iirc penetration depended on calibre so rifles and At rifle rounds could penetrate the walls sometimes. At least it worked with the MG34, DP and the Kar and Mosin 81.

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Now it penetrates always including wild angles.
But maybe I simply don’t remember.

Hehe cool then.


Did you know… when you lost as attacker and be forced to watch 1 minute the last survivor,
You can still set marks.


They guy you are observing is probably like


In my case he was in tank, Greyzone and some Rusher want kill him.
I try to mark them for him and does work.
was today the first time 4me

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They always could, but it was unreliable.

I did so with regular smgs (still do). Took entire magazines to down someone thought.

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That has always been the case. Even pistol caliber guns like PPD could totally shred people right through the wooden buildings.


I thought you meant that now they can normally kill the enemy behind the wood.

In fact, the damage is the same everywhere - equal to the damage per 100 meters.
Well, at least that’s what we found out with the G1ROSCOPE.

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What happened to @41565865 by the way? I haven’t seen him for some time :thinking:

It was always like that, even SMGs did that and still do, only weapon I never tested are pistols/revolver

With AVS nerfed this means that axis is now OP right? Right?

ähm Guys, Premium MP40/1 Berlin makes 6,8 Damage
Normal MP40 7,2…

:expressionless: my Favorit SMG… I love that thing but against Vitality it feels so bad… maybe i have to much Bolt the last Days… Just in Case, i go sleep now…

Well, he play in Enlisted at least.
Maybe make new mods.

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