Improvements to Battle Tasks and Achievements

We’re currently hard at work improving the Battle Tasks and Achievement system.

We are in the process of adding new achievements to the game, which will help players get a better understanding of various game mechanics, while also rewarding them with up to 16 additional silver logistics orders. These achievements will include such tasks as - killing enemies with a certain weapon type, building certain structures as an engineer, progressing through the campaign and many more.

As for Battle Tasks, they will now always swap the type of reward offered upon completion - with no randomness involved. For example, if you have just finished a task rewarding you with a weapon supply order, the new task that replaces it will always reward you with a personnel supply order.

In addition, we are also lowering the random factor in the difficulty of Battle Tasks. In Enlisted, the Battle Tasks you receive will differ in complexity. Some are very simple, allowing them to be completed by novice players in around 1-2 battles. Some however are difficult and require more time to complete, relying more on skill, or even playing certain campaigns or game modes. We will ensure that you always have at least one of the easier tasks in the todo list at any given time, so every player will always have a task they’re able to complete, with no hard skill requirement.


cheers for that.

can’t wait to test them ( when they will become available of course )


Oh god,finally! You are my hero!

good change

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Nice imporvements!

But pleas fix this issue with controllers!!! I was using my controller in another game before i started Enlisted. You’re not able to operate with a vehicle. The aim goes nirvana or the throttle is always active so you can’t stop the vehicle for precise aiming etc. Only a restart helps for now but the battle is over -.- Would be cool you can find a solution asap :slight_smile:

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holy shit great! keep up the good work

Good idea, at least one always easy is a very very smart idea.

i wish i dont gain battle task, that I cannot meet. I am on level campaign level 5 and need 30 player kill with mortar or flamethrower. This is crap. The battletask should on on same level like the campaign level!


Thanks for the quick reaction. Those look like a good changes on paper.
Is there a chance for return of bronze orders recived with the campaign xp, similar to the system in CBT? With lowered rate of giving them (for example one for 5000, not 3000 xp) that could work well with the current system and provide enough trooper orders (which are the main problem now) to fill the squads and keep Academy running.


16 a day? A week? Lifetime? Campaign?

We need at least 2 silver weapon orders a day to progress properly.

Silver orders can’t improve the awful RNG with the bronze orders if you don’t get any


Sure… but what about gambling tickets in progression? Right now, there is huge shortage of those, especially soldiers to even fill squads with 1 star soldiers.
That only forces people to gamble for real money to get their soldiers because silver tickets are simply not enough. And that alone is report worthy to authorities in certain countries (not counting second type of gambling presented in the game… that is perks).

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16 silver tickets a day? a season? only once?
I have now reached campaign lv20 but eco is poorer than in lv10 back in CBT.
I have few tickets to unlock anything. Yeah, I unlocked DP27, PPD drum, etc, but I have NO TICKETS to get any. And giving us ridiculous tasks to get a bronze makes me just want to quit the game.
Also by forcing to play for the “tasks” is hinder me to play normally and to help the team win a match.
Who can build 15 engineer stuffs in a single match? Who can get 35 semi auto kills in a single match?
Even in lv20, I only get ONE semi weapons, I ONLY have one SVT38(scope) rifle that is semi auto.


Its a step in right direction but only small one, and still not good enough. If you insist on having difficult tasks, at least make them worth while. There is no joy in finishing them just to see single bronze order at the end. 1 order is good for easy tasks. for Medium and hard should be 2 and 3 at least…

Thank you for listening but there is more to do in regard of tasks rewards.


buy gold coins to counter rng

A simple improvement on this battle task would be a simple neat reminder on battle UI that might be on “TAB” / “SCORE” screen if wanted. Sometimes i have to do a task that already finished but keetp in my mind. Tracking the battle task live on battle would be nice too. Keep up the improvements!

I agree this new battle task system is… good, but is pretty inconsistent, I’m level 12 in the campaing and i’ve got no more than ten bronze orders, as someone mentioned above, you can have tasks like kill X people with a flamethrower or kill X people with a mortar and even build X structures with an engineer, but if you dont have those classes unlocked you are literally stuck for a whole day (if you wasted your daily changes of course). this system is pretty inconsistent and makes the game a lot more grindier. I think that adding the old 3000 xp per card system would make the game more fun and the system would be less frustrating, but keeping the battle tasks at the same time

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Very bad idea with the tasks. At all possible sides. You force players to play game modes they dont like, in campagins they didn’t want to do. When people realize how much frustrating effort it will take to get full equipment done, they will be burnt out and just go away.

I had to play 10 quests in normandy today, and 5 in lone wolf mode. ID say my experience were devastatingly exhausting, as it doesnt really give me anything aside tickets. and half of my quests are mortar kills(I GOT NO MORTAR UNLOCKED EVEN) or that. Meanwhile i want only go germans in battle for moscow, and make a clan there…

To make a lvl 3 top tier tank it will take ~40 silver tickets.

to make a lvl 5 infantry it will take ~30 any tickets, and ~80 hours of leveling it up in mathematical progression.

To make a max lvl gun it will take… ~ unpredictable time, as all you get is bronze, and random is very evil.

The outcome. Players can not invest their resources in setups that they like. Players can not make a squad of lvl5 infantry throughout their liefetime in game.

Sidenote. I realise it is set to increase retention, and LTV as result, but it will not work. It will exhaust playerbase before they will be ready to spend big $ in game.(understanding that they will be a lot of time in here to tweak their build to max. They can not tweak anything at all.)

Now imagine mid-lifecycle stage. where 70% of playerbase are high rank/high weapon core, and they stomp newcomers for their next 80 hours of pure playtime and beyond, because of their unavaliability to quickly lvl up in campagin they’ve selected


Exactly. Players should be rewarded for playing the game with enough bronze orders to have fun. Task on the other hand can be great way to speed up your grind a bit. But definetly still need a lot of work.

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