I'm begging you, just remove friendly fire!

All your actions against team killers failed.
You close topics and write “just report them” and for next weeks we see same guys doing same things!!!

“Vote kick” doesn’t work because there is always ~70% voting for kick, and 30% voting not to kick, even with ultra teamkillers. I haven’t seen sigle person kicked by voting.

Autokicking by score has too much tolerance and they learned to find balance between killing enemies and friends.

In EVERY big LF game i meet about 1-3 teamkillers who ruin game. Today my score was relegated to zero because i had to kill troll in tank with 5 crew members. Stop punishing us for killing them!

Please, just remove friendly fire and end this comedy. I love LF, but trolls make me mad.

there really isn’t much to do since that is up to the host if they select hardcore or normal mode

If I’m not mistaken, team kill control have been greatly increased. This means that they are kicked out of the game much faster.

I agree either turn off frienldy fire or improve autokicking I just had a team killer with -1440 points WTF? how many people did he kill before getting kicked?