Im back with my suggestions for Enlisted

Hello everyone! today i am here to say some ideas i think would be great to the game!

  1. Building destruction
    this makes it possible to destroy houses with tanks!
    A sniper in stalingrad is camping in a house? shoot it and some of it collapses. if he dies trough the collapse of the building you get the kill!

2.Gold Orders
do you not want to get pour just by buying overpriced Orders and Squats? make the player choose 1 Golden Order by choice!

  1. Unlock Soldier customisation for all campains

  2. Want to play historicly accurate but your out of stock in Normandy from Kar98ks? make them buyable with bronze orders.

  3. Explosives
    are you tired of that look of this bundle of dynamite? make historicly accurate ones!
    Germany: Geballte ladung
    USA: Gammon Bomb
    United Kingdom: Gammon bomb
    Russia: RPG-43

  4. Stielhand granate
    the real Stielhandgranate had sometimes the text VOR GEBRAUCH SPRENGKAPSEL EINSETZEN written on it. would be nice to add this to the game.

  5. Customizable bomb loads
    you sit in a Stuka in the Moscow campaign and dont want four SC50 and on SC250?
    customize it so ou have a SC500 or even a SC1000

  6. Customizable tank loads and Customizable Mg bellts for Planes
    want to pack your ammo yourself? then do it!

  7. Flak Tanks
    always wanted a Wirbelwind in the Game? why not!
    (and now to everyone who says it would be to op what should it do to a KV1 or a M4A1 (76mm)?)

  8. add the Goliath
    because why not?

that was all (for now)
see you all (maybe) in Game!

I just want password protected/private custom matches.
Ammo pickup from dead soldiers on the ground.
More urban/street style maps in Normandy
Rework of AI

Everything else is a bonus


I just want the BAR available for all riflemen in Normandy

Well yes, but actually no. Let’s say that the cap zone is in a building, so the solution is simple… Call in a bomber strike and the building is rubble, all the enemy troops are dead, no places to hide and it’s easier to win. But, that would mean that you actually failed to capture that building because now it’s destroyed and your “orders” were to capture it, not destroy it.

  1. And I think everyone except infantry will like this this change.
  2. You mean the gold orders in the pass and the chest? Well. DF needs you to buy the pass and putting the vehicle and weapon order behind paywall/ rng chest.
  3. Yes and no. Mostly no as customization is pretty expensive and we dont know yet how many orders we will get in the new battle pass (I doubt it will be much though)
  4. Sure I guess
  5. Just skins and also they work different than the TNT nades.
  6. Waste of time but sure I guess
  7. No need to buy premium tanks like Moscow Panzer IV or Jumbo then.
  8. "
  9. Useless against planes in the current meta and probably abused as infantry rapist (And who is that retarded to use a 20mm flak APC against a KV?). Also, the Wirbelwind didnt saw action until fall 1944 and a AA tank in Berlin is useless as hell.
  10. Because its slow as fuck, its connected to a cable/remote and you will probably be sniped before it will reach the frontline. Useless gimick.

My FPS wouldn’t like it for sure…


Tanks suffer, my friend. Really? Who cares? THEY SUFFER

i want grenades to be re-stockable during the battle, rn once you spend your equipped grenades, thats all. plus for normandy and berlin we should receive the M43 stielhandgranate

thats an awesome idea. can the panzerfaust, bazooka, piat and the flamethrowers resupply or not? did not have the opertunity to look.

i’have seen many.

making buildings destroyable will make FPS performance go really down. also NO. cause there would be no point to infantry then… just flatten everything and infantry will be suppressed by infinite he spam.

i dont get this

what do you not get?

meaning of the sentence. you want choice of gold order? where when how?

after every campaign level you can choose if you want an gold soldier, vehicle or gun. but maybe after every 5-10 levels if i thin about it

everything premium friendly for f2p players will not be implemented by gaijin/DF. and that is why you have BP with gold orders. premium players get all gold orders, while f2p only get 1-2 of selected gold orders.

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