IL-2 Tailgunner can't go into battle

In the Moscow campaign I have 4 crew slots unlocked in my IL-2. I have a tail gunner which i put in before the last patch and it worked fine. After the patch it tells me I can not bring my tail gunner into battle.

For some reason the images didn’t load so here is a link:

Form the wt wiki this aircraft seems to have only 1 crew member IL-2 (1941) - War Thunder Wiki , and doesnt have a tail gun and thus no tail gunner.

The Il-2 in Moscow has no tailgunner and never had IMO.
The ones in Berlin have a tailgunner.

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Because it’s an older version of IL-2 which didn’t have a tail gunner.

Squads can have multiple seats as you can equip other aircrafts into the squad such as a bomber with several gunners. Therefore you can equip multiple soldiers into the squad, but that doesnt mean that the aircraft has a gunner. Always look at the description of the aircraft on the right side. It tells you how many men it carries.

Early models of il2 strumovik had no gunner.
So the Moscow version wouldn’t get on.

Berlin version would have one tho

The BF110 squad in Normandy lets you get 4 extra troop slots despite the 110 having only 1 tail gunner amd this squad doesn’t get other aircraft

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But in the future there might be one.
Same goes to the Sherman II squad in Tunisia.

Then earlier versions of the IL2 shouldn’t have a better bomb load out than later versions.