I think we should improve the game experience of real players rather than the intensity of man-machine

Now, the distance between AI’s searching enemy and firing distance is different, which leads to AI aiming at a long distance but emptying the gun all the time. As a result, the desire to enter the strategic point is greatly reduced, so that it cannot play its due role in the war situation.In my opinion, now AI should strengthen their desire to enter the strategic point instead of shooting outside the strategic point, and reduce the shooting accuracy of AI from 20 meters away. Now, because AI has fully automatic weapons, it often makes real players unable to pass through dense fire nets or are constantly killed by AI without the strength to fight back, resulting in a great decline in the game experience.


Ai should be smarter rather than sharpshooter


Complains come more quickly than I think.

I’d like smarter AI that dont create distraction/annoyance to owners, and not too strong like aimbot/wall hack.
AI dont need sight, they are way better than human in dark/complex environment.

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I want better bot because real player cant be trust


The intensity of “man-machine”…



Flesh is weak.


Dont oppose resistence to the assimilation

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That’s when you come to the question how do I know the computer can trust itself not to cheat?


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would be funny to see Enlisted one day being a super hard game because the AI is too OP and then, one day 99% of the winning playerbase would just be full bot teams.

I dont have problem with that, if the AI can carry the match we can simply relax and enjoi, maybe look around, found new bug, explore the map ecc… currently we can do that withaut see our team lose