I see in my MKII 2 more spots but I can't add anyone else, and the tank is all leved up

I see in my MKII 2 more spots but I can’t add anyone else, and the tank is all leved up.
Do do you guys know how I can add more soldiers?https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/765688291554230302/974734657901961236/unknown.png

they arent tankers…

you Need to buy tankers to operate a tank

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You need more tankers, go to logistics, troop reinforcements, look for any that say tanker (symbol will also match that of your current crew)

Get some more tankers, 2 more. Also, that tank can only hold 4 tankers.

I have 4 now in the tank, but my friend has the same tank and he also has extra tanker and he can’t place 6 in there, but as you can see from the pic seems like it can contain 6.

Yes, the squad should be able to hold 6 tankers.

ok thanks

However, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/765688291554230302/974865813297320007/unknown.pngI wonder why the last 2 soldiers are greyed out.

and they don’t go into the fight, only 4 for that tank, or at least for me.https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/765688291554230302/974904564392284170/unknown.png

where do you fit the other 2 soldier in a 4 Seat veichle?

Yep my point exactly, you see the space for them and you can assign them to the tank but they don’t eventually go into the fight, weird, maybe a bug?

The biggest tank in Tunisia for the allies is the Grant which has 6 seats. Two squads can unlock 6 seats but they currently have no tank with 6 seats. I think the devs simply forgot to take those points out to unlock.
Same goes to the moscow allies campaign. First tank squad can unlock 6 seats (max seats for the T-28) but the highest seats has the T-50 with 4.

IMO gold order vehicles werent bound in the past to a certain squad, therefore you have the max seat possible in every squad.

So Ed, no way to have 6 people in the tank during the fight, right?

No absolutely not. Neither for the MKII nor the Sherman II. Only the Grant has 6 tanker seats.