I have got a problem when I join the event

There is the link below, shows my problem in the video. When I join the event, I want to play as Axis. Then I click to play as Axis but I was forced to play as Allied automatically, even though I did not click “join any team” button. But if I change from Axis tab to allied tab, the join button show that “Level 3 required”. Then how was I forced to play as Allies, even though I am not at level 3 ? How can this be happening. I still have not played the event because of this problem. Please fix this, or I will stop play the game. If you can not watch the video in my link contact me with email. The link : https: //drive.google.com/file/d/1hsVKD3OTs32WuqW9a-B1fPOxAp9wBZ_6/view?usp=sharing

I had same problem but with the factions the other way round.

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I hope they will fix the problem.

It’s bugged, but as someone else wrote on a another thread, level up the other faction to level 3, and then you get join any faction checkbox which then you can disable and play with the faction of your choice, sounds logical, right?? :frowning:

I think “It is Developers’ duty”. Developers should fix the problem instead of telling us that "You should level up your allies faction to Level 3, then the bug will be fixed " . That is so funny. It is not the answer that developer team should tell the customers.