I don't think the Stug could do this

So, I have tested a few times to see if I could recreate this issue and yeah…I’m pretty confident this wasn’t a feature of the Pz III chassis


It’s super useful to parallel park.


Lmao. This game bro, this game…

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and i wondering myself why my Team is loosing

Graphics aside, I’m really disappointed in the Devs forcing the Stug over the PzIVf2.

I like both vehicles in their own right, but the Stug doesn’t hold any parity with the PzIV.

Its a real shame, it should have had its own artillery squad, rather than being branched off the tank tree


I agree. It should have been another tanker squad for sure. Or Tank Destroyers in general should have their own squad.

Having played a few games now, the Stug is effectively in the same place as the 75/32 41 in the Tunisian campaign. A very situational weapon, although the Tunisian maps are a lot more open, and therefore kinder to the Italian TD, which also lacks an MG.
The poor structural terrain boxes in Stalingrad block a huge amount of shots and soak up much of the HE effect, thereby making the poor old Stug in the cluttered streets of Stalingrad even more defenceless than its Italian counterpart.
Regrettably, the historical component of infantry - assault gun close cooperation is missing from this game, perhaps only to be found in Sqn on Sqn engagements with voice comms.

Overall, the iconic Stug has now been relegated to the hangar ornaments section along with the PzIIIB and E…

Hi! Thx for report