I cant play this game for 10 minutes without some people exploiting some broken mechanics and ruining the fun. It is seriously driving me further away from the game every day

Your situation in a match:

A. There are plenty of gray zone exploiting tanks. These ruin the fun completely, especially for axis moscow since their best AT weapon is the explosion pack, and will remain so until the H35 comes out, which mind you it requires to be put on a tank! So any tanker can just exploit the gray zone to full extent. This one is a massive fun - killer.

Had a game on beloe lake, defence. And the whole damn game there were about 4 people on the opposite side taking tanks every time i kill one of them. Down to the last objective, they have 200 reinforcements left. I take out my 2 stukas and kill 2 tanks - one a T50 and another a T28. Then spawn as an infantry squad to help defend. And NO - fuck you player, there is a BT7 (Veteran) and another T28E camping far away in the gray zone. And by the way theyre unreachable by tank, because some dev decided, that the tanks should go through the enemy spawn and get explosive packed. - so you have to just accept your faith getting HEd for the rest of the game.

B Bunny hoppers, select fire rifle abusers, drum mag SMG abusers while jumping - break my immersion in the game completely, makes it not interesting or immersive to play.

C Suicide bombers - the scum of the earth in my eyes. And the plane cyclers that only suicide bomb - a friendly fuck you.

WHY cant DF fix these things that have the SIMPLEST solutions ever.
A. Gray zone camping - remove the gray insane zone restrictions. Make it like in Seelow heights, i think it works pretty well.

B. Restrict select-fires, introduce a significant jumping inaccuracy like you did to MG movement, but worse.

C Suicide bombers - you have already fixed that - but you decided to unfix it? Back in the beginning of OBT if you die before your bombs explode - no kills

These exploits make me just want to quit playing the game, and pick up another one like HLL. But i dont want to, yet. I love this game - favourite, but when you dont fix these simple issues - FOR MONTHS, it makes me doubt the game and make my eyes start to wander


Get yourself an GRB -39 to your squads and those tankers arent so cocky anymore :wink: Totally love that AT gun

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Oh hell yeah, that thing is super underrated, its a great weapon.

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Or just like build an AT gun it has the same gun as the puma and pz3M and can easily pen a t50

Surprising them with a pz4f1 is also a nice touch. The regular pz4 is very “soft” so enemies are cocky and even need to aim at weakspots. It’s different with the f1, it MAY deflect 1 or 2 shells if lucky.

You see the problem here is that this only works on certain objectives. In beloe lake last one for e.x, if a tank is sitting in his spawn, he can see everything with ease and kill any people building AT guns. I actually tried to build one but got a 45mm shell instead.

The GRB39 has an unajustable ight making it annoying and hard to use

You can just hide behind the cabins and build sideways

What cabins, the church objective, and since the tank spawn is behind some building aka the place they always sit in, the only firing position is the church hill

Ngl i hardly ever get pushed back to the church

You see moscow axis is a faction that has barely any players nowadays. So there were 4 of us against 10 of theirs. And most of ours didnt have max gear, while they had the top gear. Gray zone camping is a massive issue, bunnyhopping - an issue, SF rifles - big issue Playerbase - biggest issue

I’m literally playing axis Moscow

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Normally I would agree, but having experienced exactly what the OP is describing, at those ranges and with those sights, it doesn’t have the Moxy to kill them.
Plus most angles you can shoot from expose you. Fighting off infantry at the point while dealing with Grey Zone tanks as well is a tall ask in that particular situation because the FOV commanded by the tanks is Huge.
4 times I tried to build an AT gun and was either killed by infantry or nuked by the tank. Partially because the game decides where you can place the damn gun, so I can’t be sneaky.
Beloe and Quarry are one where grey zoning without having good air support can get you killed in a hurry.
I was lucky in my match because I had someone else with me, and combined we managed to grind them down till the last point with a sliver of capture left to spare.

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are you okay? How do I molest an SMG? sounds kinda hot.

Its not that hard. Top sight that looks like an iron sight is for close range aprox 25m, then you get the feel for the rest. The under ring usually is around 100+m or so… fire one then look where it land and add the rest with the scope… Ive sniped tanks across the maps with that thing and its so satisfying :smiley: I mean you can even hit an T-50 in the front and still it takes out some crew :smiley:

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Pertaining to the OP, yes those are all serious problems, but I don’t think those issues are really quick simple fixes.

A.Tank gray zone camping is definitely a pain, but fixing it properly will either require a general rework to gray zone mechanics, or a lot of individual map tweaks to remove the good camping spots. Seelow heights is the train map isn’t it? I’ve not played on it, but I reckon that game mode is distinct enough that whatever changes it has won’t be easily placed onto other maps. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though, since well, I don’t actually have any information on how it works.

B. From what I’ve seen of gameplay with select fires, and just the straight stats on them, I don’t think just “restritcting” them is the appropriate solution. They are ahistorical and unfairly stable while firing. An F942 II has 40/10 recoil on it, combared to a sniper gerwher 43’s 84/26. I know its a high tech gun, but I highly doubt it managed that level of improvement over more common semi autos. Same goes for the AVS, that gun was ultimately replaced by the SVT. Yes, the reason was mainly due to durability issues, rather than raw fire power, but if it were so much better, I feel like it wouldn’t have been replaced.

Bunny hopping, while goofy looking, I struggle to see as a serious balance issue per say. I don’t think throwing a bit more of an accuracy penalty on jump shots would be bad, but I don’t see it as a priority.

C. Suicide bombing is a lot more complicated than just not giving players kills if they die before they go off. After all, that change just encourages either using rockets, or living slightly longer before suiciding. Also if we’re thinking about the same thing, the actual bug, and the reason it was fixed, was that bombs became “neutral” if you died before they went off, which also meant they could friendly fire.
What they really need to achieve somehow is to make losing a plane actually matter. As long as a lost bomber can be replaced instantly, and even save a good 2/3s of the time it takes to loop back to resupply and come back, then the airgame will remain busted.

Actually, not at all. There is no need to rework anything or remove gray zones. All you have to do is make more than one entry point for a tank. Problem solved. For example, on a Monastery map, defenders quickly swarm and clog up the main street with craters and destroyed tanks at their first defense objective. They create a bottle neck and then snipe the tanks because attacking tanks have only one road to drive on. Recent updates made it almost impossible to cross the trench and get into the open, which before at least allowed a freedom of movement for tankers.

Anyways, simply creating four or five starting positions for the tanks, solves the problem because two enemy tanks can’t be in four positions at once. :slight_smile:

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That is a pretty big misattribution of the problem. Yeah, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to drive a tank into the point, but going around is rarely that hard. The issue is that by sitting outside of bounds, tanks are essentially immune to infantry, and usually a lot harder for opposing tanks to take out. Combine that with good line of sight on the point, and you run into a situation where the safest and most powerful position for a tank to be is wayyyy out back. Grayzone campers are not being forced to stay out there due to obstacles, they are choosing to stay back there because it works.

This is nonsense. And in moments like this I wish it was possible to see your statistics. In Monastery map, it’s impossible to “go around”, not just hard. All tanks for attackers start in the same position and can only follow one road into the village. Recently they made it almost impossible to go right across the trench, so you literally get stuck as a tanker on that map. Defenders than either form in front of the front objective sniping infantry and tanks before they have a chance to get into the fight, or they camp on the right side and shoot everything that peep over the trenches.

Armor tactics do not call for tanks to drive into heavily urban setting, so yeah they are supposed to hold back and assist infantry from far away.

As I said, gray zone camping would not work at all if they allowed multiple entry points for tanks. It’s when you know where armor is coming from that you can supress it with both infantry and tanks. That should be simple to fix and make the game more playable. At this point, dedicated infantry spammers and elite tank players, on coordinating team can shut you down, especially on Monastery map, without you taking even a single position.

Bottleneck the road, and then enjoy the turkey shoot.

Funny thing about grey zone camping, I seen a friendly jumbo definitely grey zone camping so I decided to throw a smoke in his face forcing him to move which was funny because all he was doing was lobbing HE and not providing close support.

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And you my friend have clearly not suffered through the swamp map on normandy or airfield. Yeah monastary has a lot of chokepoints, but that’s also not a map I’ve really seen problematic grayzone camping on.

Here ya go, sir. 6 days of time in battle and a 60% winrate, reeeeaaaallll inexperienced.