I am cautiously optimistic about the new Medic class

Just days before. I was hanging on “'83” forum. And surprisingly found they cancelled medic role.
This is what they said

Dont forget that '83 (some kind of successor of RS1/RS2) is more towards realism and hardcore than Enlisted. More team cooperate than this game…

I (of course) played BF series, HLL (and PS, ARMA3…) medic is a slow pace role that is not aim of killing, also to reduce combat intensity (less kills frequency).
But what Enlisted stand out is its AI, massive, rewarding AI that can get lots of easy kills.

BF’s medic can heal others with very fast pace. Also BF has downstate most time (not like Enlisted, you have to: take less than -10 damage(20~80% chance), have to have medkit in order to enter down state). And BF still has tons of complains about selfish medics that not healing others.

Enlisted’s team cooperation is a joke… I may see lots of players dont know or refuse to heal/put medbox, or players refuse to be healed in the future…
Also there’s many players intentionally to die quick. Because this is what your XP system designed to! The longer per life, the less XP transformed from score.

Also dont forget that majority of those who are in low health are AI, and they do not care (or stop for you) about your medkit/first aid box. They dont even heal themselves when they are in low health with medkit…

Also about medic itself game experience.
Will this role become the ultimate Assaulter class? Also able to carry SMG, but can heal themselves. But this is obvious not supposed to…
But if they do what they supposed to: healing others one by one.

  1. If you are not playing with friends. Healing strangers, or even AI, but not spend time in combat. Maybe get bored soon…
  2. Currently, healing others only get +15 pts as “Assist”. Also we already have healing others options. Will this action that rewarding?
  3. What if when you want to heal others, but others do not stop or ignore you? Especially those AIs. It will be very frustrating if you want to, but others ignore you and dont use your medbox at ground.

Dev is treating this role as next gen assaulter.
So the Battlefield way.

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Put medbox? Lul wot.
You can’t put a medbox down. most matches I’ve been in have had cooperation, those that don’t are usually populated mostly by bots.

I don’t think people intentionally “die quick”, usually its VERY EASY to have a squad wiped by a det pack/ mg nest/ tank/ or just trying to play the objective. In fact, if you last too long, then I suspect you AREN’T playing the objective.

No, like they say, they aren’t as versitile, so i suspect they won’t get an ammo pouch, soft stats will be worse and generally just weak.
I assume probably also limited to weak/ obsolete smgs, like the MP18/28/34. rather than higher tier PPshs etc.

Disagree, I heal players in other games who I don’t know. I enjoy it, I’m a support main in Overwatch.

You’ll probably get a better xp buff, like the engineers/ killing engineer stuff.

I doubt this entirely.

From what I gather, this post is basically just ranting about nothing

In fact those veterans will play more aggressively for throwing more explosive. If ran out of explosive, they will switch. Or even, dont wait for reload, just switch.

LOL, this game used to heal others without actual consuming medkits? But still no one knows. And I almost wanted to post about this years ago. But seems no one care.

It’s only what you think. But the reality as for now is few scores to aid others.
Dont “think”, say it to dev!
It’s useless to say to me.

Dude, I’m all for it. Will it be perfect? Probably not. And that’s not a slight at the devs. It’s just the nature of development. I’m looking forward to running the medic squad as one of my mains.

I suspect they’ll likely be limited the way that radiomen and flametroopers are, but having a locked backpack slot (full of medic-y stuff) that allows free healing. That works fine for me because it’ll encourage more people to chill on the explosive spam that a lot of people hate so much

They are getting it wrong I’m afraid.
To really, really give this doctor class the attention it deserves we need to make it oon a female version. Then we can experience the power of the War time Nurse.

sounds like you need help

Correct me if I’m wrong but women you are talking about were nurses, not combat medics.

Combat medic
Spot the difference.

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