Huge Effect Update

FPS will not be affected.



Historically an air raid could last over an hour. I suggest once the first bomber is called in, it continuously drops bombs over the whole map for the remainder of the match to maximize the realism.

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Every campaign gets the Dresden call-in


it still impacts preformance, just that its less noticeable

Please tell me, “I’ll give you two Devs today, and another Dev will come up in a little while!” I don’t think this is…
The Dev content is so poor that I feel like my time was wasted after waiting for a week…


It is a pity that you do not appreciate the work, the consequences of which you will see in battle every second. In every frame.

Try to rethink your approach. We can’t make many videos and screenshots because this part is still in the works, but it’s huge - many dozens of different new effects.


The problem isn’t that the DevBlog is lackluster. It’s that people have become too hyped for it based out of their own speculation, expecting it to be some huge announcement or large devblog detailing big changes - this was never guaranteed.

Edit: I for one am glad to see this update is leaning more towards a QoL over a new campaign. These new effects, whilst not urgent to the core game, will still be extremely enjoyable.


Is this huge?


I just want something done about the shitty meta the game has fallen into
I very much enjoy the QoL changes, but that won’t fix unfun matches

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And is there any improvements to gun sound and explosive sound?

Can we have another dev blog tomorrow or this week???

Nothing bad to say about the new effects.

But seriously, that thumbnail tho.
Of all the possible screenshots you could take, that single frame looks downright horrendous! XD

So with all this new graphic “noise” Stalingrad will finally get darkened by black smoke instead of looking like a holiday destination.

At last…

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Also I will finally hear grenades rolling on the ground before exploding like in that Hidden&Dangerous game tittle from 20 years ago…

At last…

New effects AND new sounds for the tanks are awesome! Cannot wait to hear the motor of a Tiger :grinning:

:dizzy_face: :point_left:

I like it, its not a big Deal but we have the Chance to bring some Suggestions to Devs, the next 1 Hour.
Then Keo will come back in 1 Week and read soooo…

Community Suggestions:

  1. Bipod Rework

  2. MG-Accuraty-Buff

  3. Beer for Everyone

  4. Halbketten-fahrzeuge, SdfKz…

  5. Vierlings-flak, the Degrees to shoot with it should be 30degree+
    everyone use it for Anti Infanterie, that sucks.

  6. Rework old Premium Squads and give them 5th Man- Engineer!

  7. Bring more Customization Orders.

  8. Rework Customization Options.
    a German Airplane dont paint German Crosses for shooting Americans.

  9. Bring Standart Customization Objekts, like a simple Balken Kreuz or a Red Star…

  10. Different Sounds for every Tank and Gun… !

  11. Option to hide Contry Symbols like SS or NKvd

  12. Bring SS and other Army specifik Symbols on Uniforms!!

  13. Bigger Maps

  14. Possibility to select Game Modes.
    Not everyone like to play Conquest with 300%XP boost.

  15. More Feedback on Forum from Developer Team.

  16. Make Premium Stg45 compareable to his Opponent AS44

  17. Airplane Fighters MGs are a Joke against Ground Targets.
    only 20mm+ hits hard

  18. A bought Tank Skin when its removed, should work then for every other Tank in this Fraction.

  19. Stalingrad needs more Maps!

  20. More Squad Slots then only 10!
    I have all Premium Squads and cant take them with me into Battle, would use them if i could equipp them