How to reduce full auto and mg spam

i am giving this example from isonzo. i know two games have different play styles but isonzo solved the possible full auto/grenade launcher spam problem by limiting usable slots for each weapons:
if someone currently using an asaulter/ medic squad, others cant choose until that player,s squad all die
for assaulter: 2 slots limit at once in playing
engineers: infinite slot
1st infantry squad: infinite slot
sniper: 1 slot
flamer: 1 slot
mortar:1 slot
anti takist: 2 slots (considering the tank spam per matches)
mg: 2 slots
radio operator: 1 slot


How about letting people play and have fun and you grind to do the same?
Accuracy isn’t a focus in this game


F2P that only has 3 assualters squads in lineup, and team already uses 2/2.

Guess he won’t spawn then lol.

This would only work if we didn’t have squad limit in game, and seeing how it’s monetized You can safely bet it i’ll unfortunately stay that way for now.


could anyone tell me why havent it got restricted yet?
it’s pure nonsesne.


You take away 3 assaulter sqauds and i’ll go back to 2 flamethroower squads in each campaing. (not that i use it anyway)

Even if You limit to 1 You can just do suicide run with plane and get back to spammin assaulter squad again.

There is no point in restricting it now.

Also what would You do with prmeium squad? People paid money and would not be able to use them, lawsuit central


Same squad spawn is something wo never gonna be adressed mostly because kill the purpose of have multiple slot if you cant use them for spam 3 assaulter squad (premium) withaut restrain, same for tank and plane

well, the answer then is to create a battleground suitable not only for meta assaulters. there’s wouldn’t be any point of having 3 assaulters class if you’d got your ass wiped-out from the distance. I found it myself playing LF, assaulters often suck esspecially on open maps

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People who play the game by exploiting every possible loophole suck and ruin the fun for others. That mentality is why we can’t have nice things


Yeah, but it’s game devs job to make a game fun and balanced.

But guess what happens when focus is on making as much money as possible.
You get high level power creep, You get 3 squad slots for f2p.
They created the issues, people just play their game by their rules.

It’s like blaming communism not working on people being bad, that how world works, if there is opportunity to get ahead by fucking other people over guess what, You may be good but not everyone will be

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People who play the game by exploiting every possible loophole suck and ruin the fun for others.

Replace the game with making money and You get billionaires.

As long as there are loopholes, there will be assholes exploiting them.
Guess who has the power to change those loopholes (it’s diffrent assholes who still benefit from them)

what is wrong with full auto spam?


i don’t think that would work considering riflemen are the largest with them be able to carry 9 automatic weapons

People will always spam whatever they need to spam to get kills.

3 Assaulter Squads
3 Rifle Squads with full autos or grenade launchers
2 Flame squads + whatever other squad they want
2 Engineer squads with full autos + whatever other squad they want
3 MG Squads
3 Sniper squads with MKB, AVS, STG, or FG42 with no scope

You will never get rid of auto spam.


Rifleman Spam is 10X more overpowered than Assaulter Spam on Console.

But i dont want them to be restricted because many people like playing rifleman like i like playing Assaulter.



While I tend to agree with some kind of limit and I think the Isonzo devs did a lot of good things with spawns, weapon classes etc., this will be more difficult to do in Enlisted. For a start, it’s a WW2 game, so far more auto weaponry on the battlefield than in WW1 Isonzo. And the Soviets, for example, used squads packed with SMG gunners to take objectives. Plus all of the practical issues as people have pointed out here (people paying for extra squad slots etc.) One baby step towards reducing it could be to remove the secondary weapon slot or make it pistol/melee/anti-tank launcher only. For me it’s ridiculous that a soldier can carry 2 MGs.


Full auto isn’t even problem, this game isn’t for you I guess.

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I hvbeen playing it for 1.5 years. One of the main reason that drove me to this game was historical authenticity promise.
In ww2, even majority us army soldiers used bolt action altough on paper semi autos were the standart for us infantry
For british, lee enifield was so good that they didnt produced any semi autos bcs einfield was miles better and efficient than any semi autos of that time.
If you want poormans COD with dumb ai fine for you.


Bro then give me squads full of stg44 on troopers and ppsh if you want historical accuracy…

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The most near thing to this (withaut pay) are the axis engi squad in stalingrad full mkb and the soviet medic squad in stalingrad full ppsh