How to place a bulletin board in the map?

It’s really useful for players. Let them know what should they do, what’s the purpose of the mission.
If you have ever played mods for ARMA3, you will know that every respawn point has a bulletin board.


Or a godlike voice that whispers “cap, cap, cap, go into the Capzone.”

Is the bulletin board actually a existing Prop in the game?

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I don’t know…

But i really need something like it

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Yeah wont work then.

We must have a way to tell the player the purpose of the mission

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it’s already in the game.

you have to go in the menu spawner, filter to all, and place randomly a thingy called " briefing ".

then, press tab, search that entity and you will be able to customize it:

( although, players will have to press f1 to see it )



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Thx for sharing,

It seems that the text cannot wrap, is it possible to wrap text?

found the solution.

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but some of the fields can be multiline some can’t.