How to make AI squads better

So as everyone knows there are AI squads in this game despite the devs constant attempts to hide this. Things I’ve noticed about AI is that they always choose the very first choice of initial squads and that squad only. For all campaigns but Normandy it’s the rifle squad, in Normandy it’s the assaulter squad. They all use the initial equipment such as SL rifles to SL smgs, and barebones rifles for the rest of the men. To add to this they use they bare minimum of troops in the squad, 6 for riflemen and 4 for assaulter. This is the reason the AI squads are absolutely useless, especially in Normandy. They are underequiped and undermaned, so every time a squad easily looses it’s 6/4 men it takes tickets away from the team/or is useless at defending.

My proposition is to give AI squads the max amount of soldiers and let them choose between the squads like players do. To add to this I think they should all get max upgraded weapons so they aren’t dead ass useless.

Yes the actual AI in this game is trash, but at least we can make our AI squads a little better and not just pointless.

I love the idea that depending on the situation they would have increased chances to pick better squads like Out in the open? Rifleman, sniper. Defending? Machine gunner. More than one tank? anti tank squad. Obviously not all of the squads but have an increased chance to pick those squads to make them at least slightly better.

Also I love the idea the devs wont admit the game is pretty dead and that 90% of players are AI I get so many matches where the players are just brain dead run on the point and afk in one spot in the middle of the point.

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