How to Kill the Puma

A lot of people have been struggling to bring down the Puma in tank vs tank battles. After an accident I discovered the following. The puma is killed by all 75 mm HE shells to the side and rear in a single shot, typically even from high angles. Frontally it can be killed by an HE shell to the turret that explodes the ammo racks directly below. So if you see a Puma, HE is the way to go unless you’re in a Stuart.

Yee gads, don’t tell the enemy our secrets :wink:

I don’t think people realize that aiming for ammo racks is all that’s required.
Puma has ammo on the sides of the driver, so aim above either left or right front wheel.
Stuart has ammo besides turret crews feet and there is a small pile directly in the middle of the tank under the crew.
If you need to check out the X-ray model in Warthunder for each tank to see the ammo rack locations and distribution.

exept, this game it’s not like warthunder.
and unfortunally, it’s not accountable.
it’s some sort of frankenstein.

but as we discussed in this thread:
( there are videos as well that i suggest you to look at )

tanks models are broken and need to be fixed.

EDIT: i see you are already commenting there. so i came late.

They are not guaranteed to explode, nor are you guaranteed to hit them in the first place.

And enlisted has proven by now to not have the exact same armor models as war thunder.


You have to pen to detonate the ammo rack.

isn’t it great that enlisted can share code from War Thunder like that? Extensive, detailed penetration mechanics literally in the beta. Great job devs :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

Except the code is not properly shared, so it is not great.

Sharing code is like sharing someone else’s MacBook while you so far have only used windows PCs. You will have to figure out how the entire thing works and there will be cases where it doesn’t do what you want it to do.

And the code doesn’t even match, as in Enlisted we got many bugs with shells seemingly randomly bouncing or non-penetrating thin armor.

Have you had the opportunity to compare and contrast the sources?

I don’t have to to know this. Ask literally any other software developer:
Figuring out the thought process of another person when they wrote a piece of code is difficult.
Especially if there is potential bugs with it, as you have zero clue where to look.
At best, it will double or triple the amount of time you need to fix issues.
At worst, it will make your entire game unplayable.

This applies to any kind of code.

All right then.

Please take a basic course on coding and try to look at some source code from any code project on github and you will understand.

You have to figure out how each of the hundreds of lines of code interact with each other, how the math and physics come into play, how the naming conventions are used.

And that’s all assuming you can read the documentation enough to have any clue what is happening to begin with.

i mean, sure. if only they would have worked properly.

Will my own be enough or do you have someone in particular in mind?

It cannot be your own code. You wrote that code.

No it must be someone else’s.

Oh and with how complex this system is, you probably should be looking at a class with 1000+ lines of code.

Possibly also in a coding language you haven’t used yet - the developers so far definitely seem new to coding and Dagor overall.

If you say so.