How high is the bombs range?

Normandy - Ver-sur-Mer - Axis: I was chasing some P-51 Mustang, 500m away from the point and in the mid-air I’ve been killed by a 500lb bomb. Heard nothing, saw nothing, just died like that and my plane flew without me. On the combat-log I only saw that I was killed by a 500 bomb and had no time to take SS.
Did something like this happen to anyone?

I would say it’s relatively common. I often drop bombs when chased by a fighter. A simple rule is to not follow the bomber all the way to objective, as this is the easiest way to be caught in the blast - both of you are going 30-45 degrees to a target, then bomber levels and goes out of the explosion cone, but you are still in that cone.
And for the bomber pilots it’s exactly the opposite - when you are attacked at the re-arm point, just do a dive like if you are trying to get some speed, if you see tracers going in parallel - enemy is following you, then drop bombs as if you would bomb someone at objective. High chance you will kill or damage fighter, if they guy knows what is going on, he will have to turn away. Then you at least have some chance to turn around.

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Split S for the win.

Thank you captain obvious but it looks like you didn’t read with comprehension what I wrote. The keyword “mid-air”. I was flying at least 300m above the tree line. Another thing… I was chasing (in a straight line, not diving, not turning, for at least 10 seconds) P51-C-10 or more likely P-47D-28.
What is the chance that at full speed in a straight line at an altitude of at least 300m I was within the range of the bomb? Especially if I didn’t hear any explosion and the plane was intact.


I flew once quite low full speed with my plane when i unloaded bombs and somehow managed to get shot down with my own bombs.

It was a bot
he 360 headshoted the dropped bomb mid air, and it it killed you in AOE, kekekek

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I always make sure i’m fairly high anytime I’m in the plane.
If I sober up, I smoke another bowl. :stuck_out_tongue: