How does a over 15 Ton vehicle not destroy a tiny banana tree


lol have you played hell let lose? I think gijin is takin a page from ther books.

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tank destroys 20m tree, fails to destroy 1m banana tree… game logic


I have. A brick in the middle of the street glitched out my sherman. Stuck in the middle of the road. Shot a Puma in the back. Should’ve DESTROYED his engine and hit a fuel tank. Didn’t do a thing to hit. It turned its turret. Fired a single shot. In the front plate mind you. Blew up my tank with it. Deleted and refunded that trash game

pumas are destroyed with HE in turret. shooting them with AP is stupid and waste of time…

I was referring to Hell let loose.

well absolutely same stuff here. random debris gets your tank stuck, shoot puma with AP it survives, idk about it shooting back and OHK… hard to differentiate games :stuck_out_tongue:

The good old friend from War Thunder the anti-tank tree :rofl:

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Is the Japanese ultimate weapon aganaist tank, this bonsai is grow up learning all day for 24H withaut stop, the samurai way, This has gived him power to stop any american tank have the bad luck to approch him

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I said that abought M5s or the M4s way back. ya shot them to hell and noting happends lol thats after they made HE worless on tanks. I dont know how it is now cause I just bomb them to hell I been so agravated using tanks.

Nano banana tree, boy

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Noticed the same thing, for having such huge vehicles to start with Pacific maps have no space for tanks to navigate because of thinks like that and that 50 prop wrecks that are everywhere.

Tanks and there interactions with Terrain (not just Banana trees) is still something that needs to be addressed in a QoL patch in the future.
They can get stuck on very small terrain in rubble strewn streets , and other obstacles that, being a tank (like the monster 50 ton tiger and 60 ton Tiger II) should be easily dealt with.

Hopefully its addressed at some point in the future.

Breaking trees is offensive.