Hello there!

yes i know dear moderators, it is not inherent to the game but it is something to be careful of, in real life but I understand if you want to remove it

hi guys! How are you? I hope well, I don’t. you may have noticed my absence on the forum (otherwise you suck) the reason for my absence is due to a serious medical problem, in short, my body has stopped synthesizing vitamin D (a pre hormone so the body make the most part)
this gave me a very light list of symptoms

  • diarrhea and vomiting
  • nausea and difficulty thinking
  • headache
  • weakness
  • fever
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • spasmophilia
  • convulsions
  • pain in the bones and muscles

Well I didn’t notice anything until I had convulsions while on the toilet exactly one month ago and it was just the beginning, the situation continued to get worse until I ended up in the hospital where the doctors diagnosed the problem.

don’t worry now I’m fine, almost fine, another month of treatment and I should be fine the moral of the story and the message I want to get across? do the annual health check can save your life, if I hadn’t ignored it I probably wouldn’t have had all these problems, life hits hard in ways you don’t expect


POV: you play normandy after the new rocket launchers are added


after posting this i realize this joke may have been a little poor taste lol. sorry frizzi if you took offence, get better soon brother


just quit the beach and airfield

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i tought you simply quitted

General Kenobi

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Too much time inside the house and not enough sun light?

That’s right, don’t skimp on health. My grandfather discovered his cancer too late, now he is very bad.
If he had been more attentive, it might have been a different story.
I wish you recovery from your illness, friend!

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Its fine. Mess room is for everyone.

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Nope my body simply stop produce here, i’m a sedentary type since i was a child if you ask, my vitamian D values ​​were 4.5 when i got to the hospital (little sun doesn’t do this), the human body can break down and stop functioning well it can happen, that’s why It is important to check yourself annually and for this I shared my story, we do not notice anything until the last

just quite the shitmandy

Everyone should be getting a physical checkup with bloodwork every year after the age of 30.

People under 30 should at least get a checkup with bloodwork every 2 years.

Unsurprisingly, as males we don’t even typically think about this crap until it is too late.

I underwent chemotherapy and multiple surgeries to treat (non-metastatic, but it was close) cancer 13 years ago. No family history, no real indication that I would be susceptible. Most likely, a sedentary office lifestyle and the usual poor diet young people inflict on themselves were to blame, but it’s one of those wake up calls we all get at some point or another.

I’m glad you got answers and plan for your treatment, gastanofrizzi.

Have the rest of you made an appointment to see your doctor this year?

If not, you should.


Well, if you plan to live a long time, then it’s better for you to always have information about your health. And if not, then it’s still better to do it death from illness is probably one of the most unpleasant. Disability isn’t fun either.
It’s good that you recovered.